9 Kharak Traditional Persian Santur – Light Of Persia


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9 Kharak Traditional Persian Santur

İt is comes with hard case and tuning key

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9 Kharak Traditional Persian Santur

İt is comes with a hard case and tuning key.

An Exquisite World Instrument

Santur is a unique world instrument with a rich history in the realm of music, recognized in various forms across different cultures. The Iranian santur is particularly well-known and widely played.

However, it is also referred to as Santur in countries such as Greece, Turkey, and India. Additionally, it is known as Hackbrett in Switzerland, Hammered Dulcimer in the United Kingdom and the United States, Salterio in Italy, Cimbalom in Romania, and YangQin in China.

These diverse forms of the instrument exhibit variations in cultural nuances and playing techniques.

This traditional musical instrument is played with a pair of sticks, which may differ based on cultural practices. It is a diatonic instrument, meaning it is played within a specific tuning system.

Traditional instruments require considerable time to change keys or modes, resulting in variations in performance techniques on stage.

While the process of tuning the santur may be somewhat laborious, once it is properly tuned, playing it becomes quite effortless. It produces a soothing and relaxing sound that emanates harmony from all its notes due to its diatonic nature.

This magical instrument serves as a bridge, reflecting the musical traditions of different countries, each with its rich cultural heritage. As a universal language of music, it captures the essence of various musical cultures.

If you are engaged in music and have an interest in exploring different cultures while learning to play this remarkable instrument, our store offers exclusive options for you to discover.

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