Cumbus Oud Copper Premium Quality


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Cumbuş Oud Copper

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Cumbuş Banjo Oud Copper Model

Cümbüş Oud Copper is a remarkable amalgamation of customs and novelty, meticulously crafted with exquisite artistry and attention.

This captivating instrument combines the allure of the Oud with the distinctive attributes of copper, forging a musical masterpiece that resounds with both history and modern appeal.

The instrument showcases a resounding copper body, expertly handcrafted to perfection. Its opulent metallic hue not only adds visual grace but also contributes to the instrument’s unique tonal properties, producing enchanting melodies that evoke the essence of Turkish music.

Staying true to the timeless Oud blueprint, the Cümbüş Oud Copper proudly presents an elongated neck that seamlessly complements the copper body, ensuring a harmonious connection between craftsmanship and sound.

Meticulously positioned frets and strings bestow musicians with unparalleled playability and versatility.

A tribute to the Oud’s heritage while embracing contemporary progress, this instrument allows musicians to traverse a vast spectrum of musical expressions, from soul-stirring traditional melodies to innovative improvisations that enthrall audiences.

With its matchless resonance and visually arresting presence, the Cümbüş Oud Copper stands as a testament to the timeless artistry of Turkish music.

As you delve into its melodic embrace, let the Cümbüş Oud Copper guide your artistic odyssey, weaving tales of cultural heritage and sonic brilliance.

Body: Copper / Hand Forged

. Tuning Pegs: Mechanical Parts Pegs

. Neck: Beech

. Strings: 6 Double Row Strings

. Keyboard: Formica

. Sound Cover: 0.125-micron synthetic leather

Shipping From Turkey

Additional information

Weight 5,2 kg
Dimensions 89 × 38 × 23 cm


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