Electro Acoustic Arabic Oud


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  • Explore the versatility of Electro Acoustic Arabic Oud also known as semi-hollow or cutaway electro-acoustic ouds.
  • Discover how these smaller-bodied instruments reduce feedback while preserving acoustic properties.
  • With a resonance chamber, magnetic pickups, and dimensions perfect for stage performances and experimental studio recordings, the Electro-Acoustic Arabic Oud is a versatile instrument that empowers musicians to create captivating music.
  • Electro Acoustic Arabic Oud

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Unleash your musical creativity both on stage and in the studio with the extraordinary Electro Acoustic Arabic Oud. This unique instrument seamlessly combines traditional oud craftsmanship with modern technology. Let’s delve into the world of Semi-Acoustic Electric Ouds, also known as semi-hollow or cutaway electro-acoustic ouds. These innovative instruments feature a smaller body compared to classical ouds, offering reduced feedback while preserving their acoustic properties. Equipped with a built-in resonance chamber and magnetic pickups, the Electro-Acoustic Arabic Oud becomes the perfect companion for musicians seeking versatility and experimentation during live performances and studio recordings.

Semi-Acoustic Electric Ouds are born from cutting a traditional oud body in half or employing special designs with varying depths, setting them apart with their smaller body size. This feature enhances mobility for musicians without compromising the oud’s unique sound. By reducing feedback, the oud produces a clear and focused tone while still retaining the authentic acoustic properties that oud players cherish.

While the body size may be smaller, the Semi-Acoustic Electric Ouds never compromise on their acoustic essence. Thanks to the incorporation of a resonance chamber within the body, these ouds deliver a rich and resonant sound that captivates listeners, whether played acoustically or amplified.

A standout feature of the Semi-Acoustic Electric Oud is its compatibility with magnetic pickups, offering musicians the best of both worlds – the ability to produce acoustic and electronically processed sounds. This opens up a realm of creative possibilities, enabling experimentation with different genres, effects, and captivating performances on stage.

Perfect for both stage performances and experimental studio recordings, the Semi-Acoustic Electric Oud is a reliable and versatile instrument. Musicians will appreciate its smaller body size, reduced feedback, and compatibility with amplification systems, enhancing their captivating performances. Additionally, in the studio, musicians can explore the boundaries of sound, pushing their musical creativity to new heights.

The Electro-Acoustic Arabic Oud boasts carefully designed dimensions, with a body length of 50 cm, width of 37 cm, depth of 20 cm, keyboard length of 20 cm, and string length of 60 cm, ensuring a comfortable playing experience to fully express musical potential.

Unlock your musical creativity with the powerful Electro-Acoustic Arabic Oud – an instrument that marries tradition and innovation to inspire captivating music. From live performances to studio recordings, this oud’s versatility and limitless possibilities empower musicians to push boundaries and ignite musical innovation. Experience the unique sound and capabilities of the Semi-Acoustic Electric Oud and elevate your musical journey to new heights of creativity.


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