Internal Tuning Frame Drum – d.50 cm

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  • Experience the pinnacle of drumming innovation with our Internal Tuning Frame Drum.
  • Equipped with a groundbreaking Internal Tuning System, this 50 cm diameter, 10 cm depth drum allows for precise tuning using a hex key, granting you unprecedented control over its goat skin’s resonant tones.
  • Crafted from elegant Hornbeam Tree, its design merges tradition and technology, offering both visual allure and unmatched sonic potential.
  • Elevate your musical expression and explore new rhythms with the Internal Tuning Frame Drum – where artistry and engineering unite.

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Introducing the cutting-edge Internal Tuning Frame Drum – a musical masterpiece that redefines your drumming experience. Our innovation brings together tradition and technology, creating a harmonious blend that empowers you to elevate your rhythm to new heights.

The heart of this drum lies within its revolutionary Internal Tuning System. Crafted to perfection, this system showcases a meticulously designed hoop positioned between the robust frame and the supple goat skin.

This ingeniously engineered feature enables you to achieve unparalleled precision in tuning, placing you in complete control of your drum’s sonic character.

With the included hex key, you possess the power to finely calibrate each note, transcending the ordinary to unveil the extraordinary.

Measuring an impressive 50 cm in diameter, this Internal Tuning Frame Drum boasts a generous canvas for your creativity to flourish.

The ample 10 cm depth ensures rich resonance and depth of sound that resonates with authenticity. Crafted from the finest Hornbeam Tree, the frame radiates strength and elegance, presenting a striking visual companion to the symphony of sound it produces.

Nestled beneath the frame is a goat skin that delivers an organic, authentic tone. This premium-quality goat skin is not merely a surface but a canvas for your emotions, translating every stroke into a melodious expression.

Whether you’re seeking the resonating beats of ancient rhythms or the contemporary pulse of modern music, the goat skin effortlessly adapts, reflecting your intentions with finesse.

The Internal Tuning Frame Drum is not just an instrument; it’s an extension of your passion and a conduit for your musical journey. Crafted with care and precision, it stands as a testament to our dedication to crafting instruments that inspire greatness.

Elevate your playing, explore the realms of sonic perfection, and unveil a world of musical possibilities with our Internal Tuning System drums. Your rhythm, your way.


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