Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas (Mahogany & Maple)


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  • The Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas is a handcrafted masterpiece representing centuries-old Turkish musical traditions. It features a Mahogany and Maple body, Eastern Spruce front, Mother of Pearl cage, and Rosewood pegs, while Kurschner strings offer exceptional playability.
  • Crafted by renowned Oud master Feramis Aktas from Izmir, Turkey, this instrument captures the soulful essence of Turkish music and holds historical and cultural significance in the world of music.

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Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas

Unleash the soulful melodies of Turkish music with the exquisite Professional Turkish Oud crafted by none other than the renowned Oud master, Feramis Aktas, hailing from the enchanting city of Izmir, Turkey.

This instrument is a testament to centuries of traditional craftsmanship and the skillful artistry of Feramis Usta himself.

Exquisite Materials: The body of this Turkish Oud is meticulously handcrafted from a harmonious blend of Mahogany and Maple, two exceptional tonewoods known for their rich resonance and warm, deep tones.

The carefully selected Eastern Spruce (Picea orientalis) adorns the front of the Oud, contributing to its distinct and captivating sound.

Elegant Design: The Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas showcases a captivating design, with a cage adorned in Mother of Pearl, which not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also adds a touch of sophistication to the instrument.

The Rosewood pegs provide excellent tuning stability, ensuring that your melodies remain crisp and true.

Unparalleled Sound: At the hands of a skilled musician, this Oud can sing with unparalleled emotion and clarity, truly expressing the soul of Turkish music. Each note resonates with profound depth, carrying the essence of centuries-old musical traditions cherished in Turkey and beyond.

Kurschner Strings: The Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas is equipped with top-quality Kurschner strings, which are known for their resilience and responsiveness.

These strings offer exceptional playability and a dynamic range, allowing you to explore a wide spectrum of tones and emotions as you delve into the world of Turkish music.

A Masterpiece by Feramis Usta: Feramis Aktas is renowned for his expertise in crafting and playing the Oud, and this Professional Turkish Oud is a testament to his passion and dedication to the art.

Each instrument is lovingly handcrafted, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and authenticity.

Whether you are a seasoned Oud player or a budding enthusiast, the Professional Turkish Oud By Master Feramis Aktas is the perfect choice to take your musical journey to new heights.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Turkish melodies and experience the artistry of a true Oud master with this exceptional instrument.

Master Feramis was born in 1965 in Izmir, Turkey. He started working in wooden workshops at a young age. In 1981, he met his master Sinai Ozkan, which was one of the most important turning points in his life.

In the workshop of Sinai master, he learns new things every day in the making of instruments such as oud, tanbur, lute, and qanun and improves himself from this great master. continues with skill

Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas

Body (Bowl): Mahogany & Maple

Front. Eastern Spruce ( Picea orientalis)

Cage: Mother Of Pearl

Pegs: Rosewood

Strings: Kurschner

Feramis Usta Oud master from Izmir Turkey



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