Arabic Electric Oud – Semi Hollow & Guitar Pegs


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  • Unite tradition and innovation with the Arabic Electric Oud – a versatile and performance-driven semi-hollow instrument.
  • Crafted with precision, the walnut body, ebony fingerboard, mechanical guitar pegs, Eastern spruce top, Kürschner strings, and Fishman Presys 301 pickup combine to deliver exceptional sound quality and musical expression.
  • The semi-hollow design reduces feedback while preserving the oud’s acoustic properties, making it ideal for live performances. Embrace boundless creativity with this harmonious fusion of the past and the future, as the Arabic Electric Oud empowers musicians to explore diverse musical genres and unleash their musical potential.

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Versatility and Performance Unite – The Arabic Electric Oud

Unveil the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with the Arabic Electric Oud, a cutting-edge instrument that celebrates the oud’s rich heritage while embracing modern technology.

Crafted with precision and care, this unique semi-hollow oud boasts a walnut body, an ebony fingerboard, and mechanical guitar pegs, complemented by an Eastern spruce top, Kürschner strings, and the Fishman Presys 301 pickup.

Ideal for live performances and contemporary oud enthusiasts, this instrument offers boundless musical exploration.

A Harmonious Walnut Body: The Semi-Hollow Arabic Electric Oud’s walnut body resonates with warm and captivating tones, adding depth and richness to your musical experience.

The semi-hollow design, crafted by cutting a traditional body in half, reduces feedback without compromising the instrument’s acoustic properties, ensuring an authentic oud sound.

Ebony Fingerboard for Effortless Play: The ebony fingerboard, known for its durability and smooth texture, enables effortless finger movements, empowering you to explore intricate melodies and techniques with ease.

Mechanical Guitar Pegs – Precision Tuning: With mechanical guitar pegs, the Semi-Hollow Arabic Electric Oud guarantees reliable and precise tuning, freeing you from tuning concerns and allowing you to focus entirely on your performance.

Eastern Spruce Top – Enhanced Sound Projection: Crafted from Eastern spruce, the top of the oud enhances sound projection and responsiveness, delivering vibrant and expressive tones.

Kürschner Strings – Balanced Performance: The premium Kürschner strings offer balanced tonal quality and responsiveness, allowing you to express yourself with exceptional versatility across various musical genres.

Design and Specifications:

With a body length of 50 cm, width of 37 cm, depth of 20 cm, keyboard length of 20 cm, and a string length of 60 cm, the

Semi-Hollow Turkish Electric Oud With Guitar Pegs MG-E2 stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, marrying aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

The Fishman Presys 301 Pickup – Musical Versatility: Incorporating the Fishman Presys 301 pickup system, the Turkish Electric Oud MG-E2 opens up a world of possibilities for live performances and electronic processing.

A Harmonious Fusion of Tradition and Innovation: The semi-hollow design of the Turkish Electric Oud preserves the oud’s acoustic properties while embracing contemporary features, reducing feedback and making it an excellent choice for live performances.

Aspiring musicians and seasoned oud players alike will appreciate the instrument’s versatility, bridging the gap between acoustic and amplified sounds with finesse.

Unleash Your Musical Creativity: The Semi-Hollow Turkish Electric Oud With Guitar Pegs opens the door to limitless musical exploration, providing a versatile instrument that complements both traditional oud enthusiasts and those seeking a contemporary twist in their musical expression.

With unparalleled craftsmanship, modern features, and traditional aesthetics, this oud is the perfect companion to unleash your creativity and embark on a soul-stirring musical journey.



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