Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas (Mahogany)


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  • The Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas Aktas is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, meticulously handcrafted with a Mahogany body, Eastern Spruce soundboard, Ebony fingerboard, and Rosewood pegs, complemented by Kurschner strings.
  • Master Feramis Aktas, an Oud Master from Izmir, Turkey, brings over four decades of experience and passion to each instrument he creates.
  • Under the guidance of his mentor, Sinai Ozkan, Feramis Usta perfected the art of instrument making, resulting in a collection of exquisite Turkish musical instruments.
  • With this Professional Turkish Oud, musicians can explore the captivating sounds of Turkish music, delivering enchanting melodies and touching hearts with the expertise of a true master.

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Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas (Mahogany)

Body (Bowl): Mahogany

Front. Eastern Spruce ( Picea orientalis)

Fingerboard: Ebony

Pegs: Rosewood

Strings: Kurschner

Introducing the Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas – a masterpiece crafted with utmost precision and passion, perfect for musicians seeking an exceptional instrument to elevate their performances.

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Turkish Oud embodies the rich musical heritage of Turkey and the artistry of Master Feramis Aktas. The instrument features a stunning combination of premium materials, carefully selected to deliver unparalleled sound and playability.

The body of Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas , or bowl, is made from high-quality Mahogany, chosen for its warm tonal characteristics and excellent resonance. This ensures that each note played on the oud carries a distinct and enchanting timbre, captivating the audience with its soulful melodies.

For the soundboard, Master Feramis uses Eastern Spruce (Picea orientalis), a top-notch tonewood known for its exceptional responsiveness and ability to produce clear, vibrant tones. This spruce soundboard enhances the oud’s projection, making it an ideal choice for both intimate settings and larger venues.

The fingerboard, crafted from luxurious Ebony, provides a smooth and comfortable surface for players, allowing effortless movement across the frets. The use of Rosewood for the pegs ensures excellent tuning stability, so you can focus on your performance without worrying about the instrument going out of tune.

To complete the instrument’s exquisite construction, Kurschner strings are used, renowned for their resilience and brilliant sound, adding an extra layer of depth to your melodies.

However, the true essence of this Professional Turkish Oud lies in the master behind it – Feramis Usta, an Oud Master hailing from Izmir, Turkey. With over four decades of experience, his expertise and passion shine through in every instrument he creates.

Feramis Usta’s journey started in wooden workshops at a tender age, and his encounter with the legendary Sinai Ozkan ignited a lifelong commitment to perfecting the art of instrument making.

Under the tutelage of Sinai master, Feramis Usta honed his skills in crafting traditional Turkish musical instruments, including the oud, tanbur, lute, and qanun.

Each day spent in the workshop was a step towards mastery, and his dedication and talent culminated in the creation of instruments that continue to inspire musicians worldwide.

Whether you are an accomplished oud player or an aspiring musician, the Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas. Aktas promises to be an instrument that transcends boundaries, allowing you to explore the vast realms of Turkish music and create timeless melodies that resonate with your audience.

Invest in the artistry and expertise of Feramis Usta and experience the magic of Turkish music like never before with this exceptional Professional Turkish Oud.

Each instrument is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Turkey and the boundless possibilities of music when crafted by a true master.

Elevate your performances, touch hearts, and unleash your musical potential with the exquisite Turkish Oud by Master Feramis Aktas.

Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas


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