Short Neck Saz

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Turkish Short Neck Baglama Saz

Explore the enchanting allure of the Turkish Short Neck Baglama an authentic musical gem that embodies the essence of Turkish folk music.

This instrument showcases a bowl crafted from the finest mulberry wood, renowned for its rich tonal qualities and warm resonance. Each strum and pluck on this instrument will transport you to the vibrant alleys of Turkey, where centuries of musical heritage come alive.

The neck, intricately carved from mahogany, ensures a seamless and comfortable playing experience, enabling your fingers to effortlessly glide across the fretboard as you delve into the depths of Turkish melodies.

Topped with spruce, the saz delivers a luminous and harmonious sound that captivates listeners with its unique timbre and versatility.

In addition to this instrument, we’ve included valuable accessories to elevate your playing experience further. The package comes complete with a top-notch gig bag, specially designed to safeguard your saz while on the go.

With this gig bag, you can rest assured that your instrument remains secure, all while saving an impressive $74.

Moreover, we provide an authentic set of saz strings, skillfully crafted to complement the saz’s tonal characteristics impeccably. This strings set, valued at $18, ensures your saz sustains its remarkable sound, continuing to inspire you on your musical journey.

Unleash the essence of Turkey’s musical heritage with the Turkish Short Neck Baglama. Embrace its captivating melodies, immerse yourself in its cultural opulence, and let your musical creativity flourish.

It is a prevalent traditional musical instrument in Turkey and other neighboring regions. It comes in various sizes and tunings, each producing distinct sounds and musical possibilities.

Over the years, the Saz has also found its way into contemporary music, blending harmoniously with various genres and styles, showcasing its versatility and adaptability. It has become a beloved instrument among musicians and music enthusiasts, not only in Turkey but also around the world.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 96 × 36 × 25 cm


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