Yildirim Palabiyik Ironwood Oud


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Yildirim Palabiyik Ironwood Oud

Body: Ironwood Top: Cedar Fingerboard: Ebony Pegs Ebony Tune: C/C

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Yildirim Palabiyik Ironwood Oud

Introducing the exquisite Ironwood Oud by Yildirim Palabiyik – a true embodiment of musical mastery, blending age-old traditions with cutting-edge innovation.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this oud promises an unparalleled musical voyage, captivating both virtuosos and music enthusiasts.

Handcrafted from the finest Ironwood, the heart of this exceptional oud lies in its meticulously shaped bowl.

Ironwood, renowned for its remarkable density and distinct grain patterns, delivers a captivating tonal palette, producing a warm and rich sound that enchants listeners with its inherent depth and character.

The soundboard of  Yildirim Palabiyik Ironwood Oud, carefully constructed from select Cedar wood, perfectly complements the unique characteristics of the Ironwood bowl.

Cedar’s natural warmth and responsiveness elevate the expressive potential of this oud, ensuring that every nuance and subtlety in your performance resonates with clarity and precision, making it a preferred choice for both solo artists and ensemble players.

Adding to the visual allure are the meticulously handcrafted Mother of Pearl rosettes, not only serving as elegant embellishments but also optimizing the oud’s soundhole acoustics, further enriching its tonal presence.

These exquisite details accentuate the instrument’s craftsmanship, adding a touch of sophistication to your musical artistry.

The fingerboard of  Yildirim Palabiyik Ironwood Oud , hewn from luxurious Ebony wood, provides effortless playability and durability. Its smooth texture allows your fingers to glide with ease, enabling intricate musical expressions and forging a deep connection between musician and instrument.

To ensure seamless tuning, the Ebony pegs are expertly crafted, providing both stability and precision. The friction between the strings and the pegs is finely balanced, instilling confidence in musicians to maintain their desired tuning throughout their performances.

Completing this extraordinary oud are the renowned Kürschner Premium strings. Celebrated for their exceptional tonal richness and durability, these strings breathe life into your melodies, resonating with clarity, brilliance, and captivating depth that enchant both the player and the audience.

Elevate your musical prowess with the Yildirim Palabiyik Ironwood Oud. Immerse yourself in the alluring tonal realm of this magnificent instrument, embracing its masterful craftsmanship, premium materials, and soul-stirring melodies.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or a budding musician, Yildirim Palabiyik Ironwood Oud is sure to ignite your passion for music and become a cherished companion on your artistic odyssey.

Yildirim Palabiyik Ironwood Oud

Bowl: Ironwood Top-Front: Cedar Rosettes: Mother of Pearl

Fingerboard: Ebony Pegs: Ebony Strings: Kürschner Premium

Tune: C/C  Length of Body: 48.5 cm Length of Neck: 19.5 cm

String Length: 58.5 cm Depth: 19 cm Width: 36.5 cm

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