Yildirim Palabiyik Rosewood Oud

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Yildirim Palabiyik Oud Instrument – Premium Quality Arabic & Turkish Oud

Yildirim Palabiyik Rosewood Oud Professional Choose

Body: Rosewood Top: Cedar Fingerboard: Ebony Pegs Ebony Tune: C/C

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Yildirim Palabiyik Rosewood Oud

Introducing the Yildirim Palabiyik Oud – an exquisite musical instrument that embodies the perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. Crafted with precision and passion, this oud is designed to captivate the senses of both musicians and listeners alike.

Bowl: Eucalyptus The heart and soul of the Oud lie in its bowl, and the Yildirim Palabiyik Oud features a meticulously handcrafted bowl made from premium Eucalyptus wood. Known for its rich tonal properties, Eucalyptus wood produces warm and resonant tones that enhance the overall sound of the instrument. The carefully shaped bowl ensures excellent projection and exceptional sound clarity, making it ideal for both studio recordings and live performances.

Fingerboard: Ebony The fingerboard of the Yildirim Palabiyik Oud is expertly crafted from luxurious Ebony wood. Renowned for its smooth texture and durability, Ebony provides a comfortable and responsive playing surface. This fine material allows for precise finger movements and articulation, empowering musicians to explore the full range of musical expression with ease.

Pegs: Ebony Complementing the fingerboard, the pegs are also constructed from Ebony wood, ensuring a seamless aesthetic while maintaining stability and precise tuning. The smooth and polished surface of the pegs allows for effortless tuning adjustments, enabling musicians to achieve their desired pitch without any hassle.

Strings: Kürschner Premium The Yildirim Palabiyik Oud is adorned with Kürschner Premium strings, renowned for their superior quality and exceptional tonal characteristics. These strings are carefully selected to produce a rich, balanced sound that resonates with clarity and expression. Whether you’re playing intricate melodies or exploring intricate maqamat, the Kürschner Premium strings deliver an unparalleled playing experience.

Complete Package: In addition to the outstanding oud itself, the Yildirim Palabiyik Ocaliptus Oud comes as a complete package, offering everything you need to cherish and protect your instrument:

  • Hard Case: Safeguard your precious oud with a sturdy carbon fiber hard case that provides optimal protection during travel and storage. The case features a custom-fit interior to secure the oud and prevent any damage from external impacts.
  • Extra Strings Set: To ensure uninterrupted play and performance, an extra set of Kürschner Premium strings is included. Be prepared for any musical journey and embrace the freedom to play without concern.

Unleash your musical potential and embrace the timeless beauty of the Yildirim Palabiyik Ocaliptus Oud. Experience the harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and premium materials, elevating your musical expression to new heights. Whether you are an experienced oud player or an aspiring musician, this oud promises to ignite your passion for music and become an integral part of your artistic journey.



Bowl: Rosewood

Fingerboard: Ebony

Pegs: Ebony

Strings: Kürschner Premium

Tune: C/C 

Length of Body: 48.5 cm

Length of Neck: 19.5 cm

String Length: 58.5 cm

Depth: 19 cm

Width: 36.5 cm

it comes with

– Hard Case

– Extra Strings Set

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 89 × 43 × 29 cm


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