Greek Bouzouki

The Greek Bouzouki, with its distinctive sound and rich history, holds a significant place in Greek music and culture. This stringed instrument has deep roots that trace back to the late 19th century and has since become an iconic symbol of Greek identity.


Originally introduced to Greece by immigrants from Asia Minor, the Bouzouki underwent significant transformations over the years. It evolved from a traditional instrument with two strings to a more complex instrument with three courses of strings, producing a unique and mesmerizing sound. Today, Bouzoukis with four or five courses of strings are also commonly used, offering even more versatility in musical expression.

The body of the instrument is typically crafted from wood, providing resonance and warmth to its sound. The instrument features a long neck, allowing for a wide range of melodic possibilities. Traditional Bouzouki have a pear-shaped body, while modern variations may have different shapes and designs.

One of the defining characteristics of this Greek instrument is the technique known as “tremolo.” This technique involves rapid picking or strumming of the strings, creating a captivating rhythmic effect that is synonymous with Greek music. The Buzuki’s distinctive sound has made it an integral part of various Greek music genres, including traditional folk music, rebetiko, and contemporary Greek popular music.

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