Electric Oud

In our diverse range of percussion instruments, we proudly present the Riq, a captivating and versatile percussion instrument.

About Electro Oud

Tapadum offers various options to enhance your performance on stage and create experimental recordings.

Electric ouds can be categorized into three groups:

1-Classical Electric Oud: This type is an electric version of the traditional oud. It utilizes magnetic pickups and volume control knobs to apply amplification and effects to the instrument. The classical electric oud appeals to musicians who want to perform traditional music while also exploring different styles.

2-Semi-Acoustic Electric Oud: They can be created by cutting a traditional body in half or as special designs with varying depths. They are often referred to as semi-hollow, cutaway, or half-cut electro-acoustic ouds. These ouds have a smaller body compared to classical ouds. This design helps to reduce feedback while preserving the instrument’s acoustic properties. These ouds feature a resonance chamber inside the body and can be used with magnetic pickups. This allows them to produce both an acoustic sound and be electronically processed during play. Musicians who perform live on stage will find the semi-acoustic electric oud ideal for their needs.

3-Silent Oud: This type of electric oud has a silent body without a resonance chamber, similar to many electric guitars. It is a preferred option for musicians who want to create experimental music with different timbres and sound effects.
Whether you are looking for a classical electric oud, a semi-acoustic electric oud, or a silent oud, Tapadum offers a wide range of choices to suit your musical preferences and needs.

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