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Tapadum Ethnic Music Store takes pride in featuring Feramis Usta’s Turkish ouds in a special section. Each instrument has been carefully selected to offer Turkish music enthusiasts and professional musicians an authentic Turkish oud experience. Feramis Usta’s Turkish ouds open the door to the rich and poignant world of Turkish music with their quality craftsmanship and unique sounds.

About Feramis Aktas

Feramis Usta – Oud Master

Feramis Usta, was born in 1965 in Izmir, Turkey. He began working in woodworking workshops at a young age. In 1981, he had a significant turning point in his life when he met his master, Sinai Ozkan. In Sinai master’s workshop, he learned something new every day about crafting instruments such as oud, tanbur, lute, and qanun, and honed his skills under the guidance of this great master.

Sinai Ozkan Usta was a highly respected authority in the construction of Turkish musical instruments and a prominent figure in the Turkish oud tradition. During his years in Sinai Usta’s workshop, Feramis Usta gained deep knowledge and mastery in the art of Turkish oud making. Through Sinai Usta’s teachings, he learned every stage of instrument construction and perfected the ability to capture the characteristic features of traditional Turkish musical instruments.

Feramis Usta’s Turkish ouds are special instruments that capture the essence of Turkish musical tradition. With great attention to detail, Usta meticulously handcrafts each oud, staying true to traditional methods and using high-quality materials. He carefully selects the wood, pays attention to the shape of the soundbox, and ensures the resonance of the sound.

Feramis Usta offers musicians an opportunity to delve into the depths of Turkish music with his Turkish ouds. The unique sound of his ouds provides an excellent tool for skillfully expressing Turkish maqams. Each oud possesses a distinct character that reflects Feramis Usta’s experience and passion.


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