Baglama - Saz

Baglama (Saz): A Melodic Journey through Turkish Music

About Baglama - Saz

The Baglama, also known as Saz, holds a cherished place in Turkish music, enchanting listeners with its distinctive sound and captivating melodies. This traditional stringed instrument embodies the rich cultural heritage of Turkey and has been an integral part of Turkish music for centuries.

The Baglama (Saz) category encompasses a family of diverse stringed instruments in Turkish music. The Cura is the smallest member, known for its compact size and high-pitched, vibrant sound. The Çöğür is a short-necked Baglama with a warm and resonant tone. The recently developed Kısa Saplı Baglama offers a smaller size without compromising on the rich tonal qualities. The Uzun Sap Baglama is the most widely recognized and used type with a long neck and deep, resonant sound. The Tambura has a bright and crisp sound, ideal for accompanying vocals. The Divan Sazı is a larger-sized Baglama used in Turkish classical music, while the Meydan Sazı is the largest, capable of producing powerful and deep sounds. The Baglama family provides a wide range of instruments, inviting musicians on a melodic journey through the rich traditions of Turkish music.

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