Ogur Sazi

The Oğur Sazı a six-stringed instrument invented by Erkan Oğur. This category has been created to allow musicians to explore and experience the rich sounds of this unique instrument.

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About Ogur Sazı

The Oğur Sazı has a bağlama form, but unlike the standard bağlama, its strings are individually placed, similar to a guitar. This feature adds a different tone and chord richness to the music played. The instrument is played without a plectrum, using an arpeggio technique, providing musicians with a distinct playing experience.

Erkan Oğur has also created nine single-row stringed and twelve double-row stringed versions of the Oğur Sazı. This variety offers musicians options that cater to different tonalities and playing styles. Additionally, the instrument uses a non-traditional tuning system created by the musician himself, providing a wider range of musical expression.

Embark on a journey where unique sounds and musical experiences are discovered in the Oğur Sazı Category.

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