Tzouras Greek (6 strings) With Special Body Design

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Special Tzouras with Balta Saz Body

Body: Carved Mulbert

Top: Spruce

The Greek Tzouras – a musical gem deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of Greece – is a captivating and versatile stringed instrument that has charmed audiences for centuries. With its enchanting sound and unique design, the Tzouras holds a special place in traditional Greek music.

It is a member of the bouzouki family, known for its smaller size and higher pitch compared to its counterparts. It features a long, slender neck and a resonant bowl-shaped body, typically crafted from a combination of premium woods such as mulberry, walnut, or maple. This careful choice of wood ensures that each Tzouras produces a distinct and resonant tone, contributing to the instrument’s rich and expressive sound.

Traditionally featuring three or four double courses of metal strings, this Greek Instrument allow for a wide range of melodic possibilities. Musicians can explore the instrument’s versatile nature, playing lively dance tunes or poignant ballads that reflect the depth of Greek emotions.

In recent years, the Tzouras has gained popularity beyond Greece’s borders, capturing the hearts of musicians and enthusiasts worldwide. Its evocative sound, rich cultural heritage, and versatility make it a valuable addition to various musical contexts and genres.

Embrace the captivating world of Greek music with the Tzouras. Let its resonant tones and distinctive character ignite your passion for music and immerse you in the enchanting melodies of Greece. Elevate your musical expression, captivate your audience, and experience the true essence of Greek tradition with this exceptional and culturally significant instrument.

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