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Explore traditional and modern frame drums and find the perfect drum that resonates with your musical vision. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, we have the ideal instrument to enhance your rhythmic journey.

About Tapadum Frame Drums

The rhythmic pulse of a frame drum has echoed through history, gracing countless cultures and musical genres. This simple yet versatile instrument, believed to be one of the earliest forms of percussion, continues to captivate musicians and listeners alike. 

Tapadum categorizes frame drums according to their tuning method. Among these tuning methods, there are also newly developed methods.

Air Tuning  Experience the convenience of quick tuning with our Air Tuning System Equipped with a bicycle inner tube placed between the frame and the skin, these drums can be easily adjusted using a pump. Achieve the desired pitch and tension in no time.

Internal Tuning System: Explore the versatility of our Internal Tuning System. These percussions feature a special hoop placed between the frame and the leather, allowing for precise tuning using a hex key. Fine-tune your drum to perfection and unlock its full potential.

External Tuning System: Enjoy the flexibility of our External Tuning System. With a tuning system placed outside the frame, these percussions can be easily adjusted using a wrench. Explore different tones and find the perfect sound that suits your musical expression.

Shaman Drums: Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Shamanic Percussions. These instruments hold deep cultural and spiritual significance and are traditionally used in shamanic rituals and ceremonies. Experience the primal rhythms and connect with ancient traditions.

3-Mode System: Discover the innovation of our exclusive 3-Mode Frame. Developed by the Tapadum Music Store team, these drums offer three-way adjustment capabilities. Experience the versatility of the Air Tuning System, Cybals Regulation System, and Snare System. Create dynamic rhythms and explore a wide range of tonal possibilities.

The beauty of frame drums lies in their universality. Found across the globe, they’ve played a vital role in countless musical traditions. Here are some fascinating examples:

* **Bodhrán (Ireland):** This iconic Irish drum features a goatskin head and is played with a stick called a tipper. Its rhythmic drive is a cornerstone of Irish folk music.

* **Daf (Middle East):** Often adorned with intricate designs, the daf’s sound is both powerful and delicate, gracing Sufi music and other Middle Eastern genres.

* **Tambourine (Various Cultures):** Perhaps the most recognizable frame drum, the tambourine’s jingling jingles add a bright, festive touch to music from Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

* **Djembe (West Africa):** While not technically a frame drum due to its goblet shape, the djembe’s playing style and rich history share a kinship with frame drum traditions.

Coming Soon: 3-mode will be ready in may

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