In our diverse range of percussion instruments, we proudly present the Riq ( Nakhle , Tef ), a captivating and versatile percussion instrument.

Welcome to Tapadum Music Store, your ultimate destination for a remarkable selection of thi traditional drums that epitomize the fusion of craftsmanship and musical artistry. Dive into our dedicated Tef category, where a symphony of choices awaits. Each drum model is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring an unparalleled level of quality and an authentic resonance that transports you to the heart of musical tradition.

Within our curated collection, you’ll discover a diverse array of sizes, materials, and designs that cater to your unique playing style and sonic preferences. The soul of the Nakhle lies in its traditionally hammered high quality bronze and brass cymbals encircling a finely carved wooden walnut body, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and sound that speaks volumes.

Embrace the beauty of choice with diameters ranging from 22 to 24 cm, allowing you to find the perfect fit that resonates with your musical journey. Our Tef come in two distinct tuning styles: the internal and external tuned tambourines. The internal tuning system delicately nested within the wooden circle ensures not only an authentic tonal quality but also a sense of ease and balance in your playing experience, setting them apart from the external tuned counterparts.

Moreover, the choice of skin for the frame adds yet another layer of uniqueness to our collection. Whether you prefer the resonant warmth of goat skin, the contemporary versatility of synthetic leather, the authentic character of fiber, or the distinctive quality of fish skin, our selection has something to complement every musical vision.

Explore the fascinating world of percussive diversity, where the Nakhle finds its kin in instruments like the Brazilian Pandeiro and the Italian Tamburello, each showcasing its own distinct playing techniques and cultural significance.

This traditional Turkish & Arabic Percussion Instrument has very special techniques ; Learning these techniques allows drummers to create a wide variety of sounds and rhythms with the riq. If you’re interested in learning more, you might discover Tapadum Academy

We extend our gratitude for choosing Tapadum Music Store as your musical companion. Our aspiration is to stand by you as you embark on your melodic odyssey, providing the perfect Riq that resonates with your spirit and elevates your rhythmic narrative. Let the enchanting echoes of tradition and innovation converge as you make your musical statement with a Riq from Tapadum.

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