Internal Tuning Frame Drum n4 – d.50 cm – Premium Quality

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  • Discover the cutting-edge Internal Tuning Frame Drum, a masterpiece of innovation and tradition.
  • Featuring a revolutionary Internal Tuning System with a hoop nestled between the hornbeam tree frame and colored goat skin, this 50 cm diameter drum offers musicians unmatched control over tonal resonance.
  • With simple hex key adjustments, achieve precise pitches and unlock the full spectrum of tones. Versatile, durable, and elegantly crafted, this drum is a gateway to limitless creative expression and a must-have for musicians seeking to elevate their artistry through precision and resonance.

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Internal Tuning Frame Drum

Witness the zenith of percussive ingenuity – behold the Drum with an Internal Tuning Frame Drum . Enhance your musical odyssey with this remarkable instrument that reshapes the drumming landscape. Crafted with scrupulous attention to detail, our drums with the Internal Tuning System stand as a symbol of excellence, presenting a seamless fusion of heritage and cutting-edge technology.

Ignite Your Imagination: Enter a realm of boundless possibilities with our Internal Tuning System. This state-of-the-art feature is tailored to empower musicians, whether they are neophytes or virtuosos, providing unparalleled mastery over their sonic realm. The strategically positioned hoop, nestled amid the frame and the vividly-hued goat skin, sets the scene for a groundbreaking tuning escapade. No longer grapple with intricate tuning mechanisms – a straightforward hex key is the key to achieving the exact tonal resonance you crave.

Precision Redefined: Bid farewell to concessions and irregularities in your drumming. With our Internal Tuning System, you wield the tool to unlock your drum’s complete potential. Every turn of the hex key propels you toward the ideal pitch, enabling you to fine-tune your drum with unmatched precision. Whether you pursue a resounding low reverberation or a crisp, resonant high, this system empowers you to traverse a spectrum of tones that harmonize with your musical spirit.

Exemplary Construction: Internal Tuning Frame Drum not only flaunts technical innovation but also superior artisanship. Boasting a diameter of 50 cm, this drum provides a generous playing expanse suitable for various playing styles and genres. The frame, hewn from the sturdy hornbeam tree, imparts both resilience and a tasteful aesthetic touch to the instrument. Complementing its striking frame, the drum showcases a pigmented goat skin that not only introduces visual panache but also contributes to the drum’s unique tonal identity.

Adaptable Artistry: Whether you are a solo performer in search of an instrument that can mesmerize an audience or a collaborative musician aiming to add richness to an ensemble, the Internal Tuning Frame Drum offers abundant versatility. Its lush and resonant tones can meld seamlessly with diverse musical contexts, making it an optimal choice for world music, fusion, contemporary, and traditional compositions.

Experience the Revolution: Align yourself with forward-thinking musicians who embrace innovation without compromising authenticity. The Internal Tuning System is not merely a feature; it is a transformative journey that propels your musicality to unprecedented heights. Immerse yourself in the realm of meticulous tuning, potent resonance, and expert craftsmanship with the Drum with an Internal Tuning Frame.

Reveal the true essence of your rhythm. Unleash the extraordinary. Opt for the Drum with an Internal Tuning Frame and embark on a musical odyssey.

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Weight 3,2 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 20 cm


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