Professional Darbuka | Doumbek – Derbake – Egyptian Percussion Instrument

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  • Tapdum Best Darbuka Shop – Hand Made and Professional Turkish Percussions.Darbuka Drum, tarabaki, derbake, debuka, doumbek, dumbec, dumbeg, dumbelek, dumbul, toumperleki (tumberleki), tumbak, zerbaghali , tarabuka (tarambuka)
  • Experience the allure of traditional rhythms and contemporary craftsmanship with the Pro Aluminum Darbuka, a modern percussion masterpiece available at Tapadum Music Store.
  • Carefully crafted with a sleek aluminum body, this darbuka offers both durability and impressive resonance, producing bright and crisp tones that elevate your musical performance.
  • Its lightweight design and finely tuned drumheads provide musicians with a wide range of expressive possibilities, allowing for captivating compositions and rhythmic exploration.
  • As a timeless percussion instrument, the darbuka continues to inspire musicians worldwide, and the Pro Aluminum Darbuka beautifully blends tradition and innovation, inviting you to unlock its rhythmic secrets and infuse your music with its mesmerizing melodies.
  • Professional Aluminum Darbuka
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 Professional Aluminum Darbuka

Introducing our selection of modern percussion instruments, the Professional Aluminum Darbuka, available exclusively at Tapadum Music Store.

These darbukas perfectly marry the allure of traditional rhythms with the cutting-edge craftsmanship of aluminum casting. Meticulously crafted, these instruments boast unrivaled durability and impressive resonance, all encased in a visually stunning design.

The Aluminum Casting Darbuka features a sleek and contemporary design, presenting a robust aluminum body that guarantees the instrument’s longevity and contributes to its distinctive sound qualities.

The aluminum material infuses each beat with a bright and crisp tone, offering musicians and enthusiasts alike a truly unique and captivating sonic experience.

Set apart from beginner-level instruments, the Professional Aluminum Darbuka boasts a lightweight design that enhances their playability and performance.

For optimal sound, we recommend a weight range of at least 6-7 kg, though this may vary based on the musician’s individual playing style.

To ensure exceptional sound expression, our Aluminum Casting Darbuka comes equipped with finely tuned synthetic or natural drumheads.

This enables musicians to explore a wide range of expressive possibilities, from powerful percussive strikes to resonant and melodic tones.

With these darbukas at their disposal, musicians can effortlessly create captivating compositions and explore diverse rhythmic patterns.

Darbuka Percussion Instrument: The darbuka, also known as the goblet drum, is a traditional Middle Eastern percussion instrument with a rich historical legacy dating back centuries.

Crafted from a variety of materials, the darbuka is a versatile instrument used in various musical genres and cultural celebrations. It features a distinctive goblet-shaped body with a wide range of sizes, each producing its unique tonal characteristics.

Professional Aluminum Casting Darbuka is played by hand and is known for its intricate rhythms, making it an essential part of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean music.

With its timeless charm and adaptability, the darbuka continues to enchant musicians and audiences worldwide.

Body: Aluminum

Skin Diameter: 23 cm

Height: 48cm

Weight: 6,2 kg

“It comes with a gig bag that has padding for extra protection.”


Shipping From Turkey!!


Professional Aluminum Casting Darbuka

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
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