At the heart of rhythmic music, the Darbuka, a percussion instrument originating from the Middle East, holds a significant place as a captivating centerpiece.

Known by different names across various cultures and existing in various variations, the Darbuka is played with two hands, producing an array of tones and rhythmic patterns through different playing techniques.

Traditionally, Darbukas have bodies crafted from metal or ceramic, adorned with different systems for stretching and decorating the drumhead, each offering its unique sound and characteristics. Smaller Darbukas produce louder sounds, while larger ones create deeper, bass tones.

The Darbuka plays a vital role in Turkish and Arabic music, with each culture having its distinct style and tuning system. For instance, traditional Turkish Darbukas often feature a “tuned outside the circle” system achieved through screws attached to the hoop, enabling the player to achieve the desired tone and sound.

In our store, an enticing selection of Darbukas awaits your exploration, including:

Clay Darbuka (Doholla): Crafted from clay, these Darbukas offer a natural and organic sound quality.

Professional Aluminum Darbuka: Crafted from cast aluminum, these Darbukas are preferred by professionals for their exceptional sound and performance.

Travel Darbuka: This category presents lightweight Darbukas suitable for traveling, available in various styles to cater to different preferences.

Whether you are a music enthusiast or interested in playing a rhythmic instrument, our store offers a wide selection of Darbukas made from various materials and featuring diverse tuning systems.

Discover the enchanting world of Turkish music and experience the joy of playing the Darbuka, as you immerse yourself in a rhythmic adventure filled with melodic delights and captivating rhythms.

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