Santur - Dulcimer

Santur: A Remarkable and Diverse World Instrument

The Santur is an exquisite world instrument that holds a rich historical legacy in the realm of music, recognized in various forms across diverse cultures. While the Iranian Santur is particularly renowned and widely played, it also goes by the name Santur in Greece, Turkey, and India. Additionally, it is known as Hackbrett in Switzerland, Hammered Dulcimer in the United Kingdom and the United States, Salterio in Italy, Cimbalom in Romania, and YangQin in China. Each cultural variation infuses the instrument with unique nuances and playing techniques.

Played with a pair of sticks, the Santur is a diatonic instrument, confined to a specific tuning system. Traditional Santurs may require considerable time for key or mode changes, leading to variations in performance techniques during live shows. However, our specialized Santurs present innovative solutions by incorporating sound-altering lever systems found in the qanun instrument.

Though tuning the Santur may demand some effort, once properly tuned, playing it becomes an effortless endeavor. Its diatonic nature bestows a harmonious and soothing sound that resonates with every note.

Serving as a musical bridge, the Santur reflects the diverse music traditions of different countries, each with its unique cultural heritage. As a universal language of music, it captures the essence of various musical cultures, transcending borders and fostering musical harmony.

For those passionate about music and eager to explore diverse cultures through the art of playing this remarkable instrument, our store offers exclusive Santur options for you to delve into. Embrace the world of Santur and embark on a captivating musical journey that celebrates the beauty of cultural diversity.

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