Santur | Hammered Dulcimer | Special Santoor with Sharping Levers | Santour With Mandals Latches

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  • Santur Santour – Santoor – with Mandals
  • Explore newfound musical horizons with our Special Santur enhanced by the Mandal System for Sharping Levers, offering unparalleled flexibility in shifting scales and keys effortlessly.
  • Departing from traditional Santurs, this hammered dulcimer presents 12 strings coupled with precision sharping levers strategically positioned for seamless pitch adjustments, fostering fluid transitions between scales and enabling captivating improvisations.
  • Its therapeutic melodies make it an invaluable tool for music therapy, while premium accessories ensure a seamless playing experience.
  • Whether you’re a seasoned musician or an aspiring one, this instrument serves as a gateway to melodic exploration, available at Tapadum Music Store for those ready to embark on a journey of musical self-expression.

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Introducing the Special Santur Enhanced with the Mandal System for Sharping Levers

Experience musical freedom like never before with our unique Santur, featuring the revolutionary Mandal System for Sharping Levers. This extraordinary instrument grants you the ability to effortlessly shift scales and perform in any desired key, reminiscent of the versatility of a Celtic harp.

The Innovative Santur with Sharpening Levers

The traditional santur, a hammered dulcimer from Iran, is a beautiful and complex instrument. But for musicians who crave even greater versatility, a new breed of santur has emerged: the santur with sharpening levers.

These levers, also known as the mandal system or mandals (from the Turkish word for “latch”), are a modern innovation that adds a new dimension to santur playing.

Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Effortless Scale Changes: Traditional santurs are fixed-pitch instruments, meaning each string has a single note. Sharpening levers change this. By flipping a lever, players can raise the pitch of a string by a quarter tone, allowing them to effortlessly switch between different scales and keys.

  • Greater Musical Freedom: This ability to adjust pitch opens doors for santur players. They can play a wider range of music, from traditional Persian melodies to contemporary compositions. Improvisation becomes more fluid, as musicians can seamlessly move between different tonal centers.

  • A New Level of Expression: The increased chromatic range offered by the levers allows for more nuanced and expressive playing. Santur players can add subtle shadings and inflections to their music, creating a richer and more dynamic soundscape.

It’s important to note that the santur with sharping levers is a relatively new invention and is not yet widely adopted. Traditionalists may prefer the purity of sound and playing style associated with the original instrument.

However, for santur players who crave innovation and versatility, the santur with sharping levers offers exciting possibilities. It’s an instrument that pushes the boundaries of what this ancient instrument can achieve.

Bid farewell to the tedious process of tuning individual strings for various purposes, as the Mandal System provides unmatched flexibility and opens up endless creative avenues.

Unleash Your Musical Genius

Diverging from conventional Santurs, our special hammered dulcimer boasts 12 strings paired with the Mandal System for Sharping Levers.

Strategically positioned close to the top of each string, these levers facilitate precise alterations to the string’s length, resulting in a half-step pitch increase when engaged.

This innovative setup facilitates smooth transitions between different scales and empowers you to tweak individual notes, injecting mesmerizing nuances into your musical improvisations.

A Universe of Harmonic Options

The instrument’s entrancing timbre, produced through specialized mallets, delivers both melodic and rhythmic textures resonating across diverse musical landscapes.

Whether you delve into the realms of Middle Eastern, Persian, Indian melodies, or explore other traditional genres, this instrument unfurls a plethora of harmonic avenues.

Healing Through Music

Its therapeutic attributes render it an invaluable asset for music therapy, as its enchanting melodies possess the ability to induce relaxation, alleviate stress, and foster emotional well-being.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a novice embarking on your musical voyage, the Special Hammered Dulcimer serves as a gateway to uncharted musical territories and self-expression, all conveniently available in Tapadum Music Store’s Santur collection.

Premium Accessories Included

To ensure seamless playing experiences, the instrument comes bundled with top-tier accessories, comprising a gig bag for effortless transportation and safeguarding, traditional mallets, and a tuning key.

With these indispensable components at your disposal, you can commence your musical journey and explore the instrument’s full potential without delay.

Enhance Your Performances

Equipped with the Special Santur and the Mandal System for Sharping Levers, you can effortlessly tailor your performance to diverse musical environments.

Whether engaging in live improvisational sessions or recording in a studio setting, the sharping levers furnish an instant solution for adjusting keys and crafting captivating melodies adorned with spontaneous embellishments.

Embark on a Melodic Expedition

Unlock the true essence of your musical expression with our Special Dulcimer adorned with the Mandal System for Sharping Levers.

As you delve into its enchanting sounds and dynamic capabilities, you embark on a captivating melodic odyssey enriched with lush harmonies, intriguing scales, and expressive improvisations.

Discover Your Special Santur at Tapadum Music Store

Are you prepared to elevate your musical prowess? Look no further than Tapadum Music Store’s Santur collection, where you’ll encounter our exceptional instrument featuring the innovative Mandal System for Sharping Levers.

Elevate your musical performances, captivate your audience, and unravel the allure of the Santur as you immerse yourself in a realm of musical discovery and self-expression.

Complete with a premium Gigbag, traditional mallets, and a tuning key.

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