Premium Quality Clay Bass Darbuka With Mother Of Pearl n.4


  • USD: $790,69

  • Crafted with precision and adorned with intricate Mother of Pearl designs, the Clay Bass Darbuka featuring Mother of Pearl Decoration offers unparalleled resonance and tonal clarity.
  • Constructed from high-quality clay with colored goat skin using natural dyes, this darbuka promises an unforgettable musical journey filled with enchanting melodies and visual elegance.
  • Embrace the convenience of the Light Tuning System and explore its versatile sound range while protecting your instrument with the included sturdy gig bag.
  • Whether you’re a seasoned musician or an aspiring percussionist, this darbuka combines art and innovation to deliver captivating harmony, providing a musical experience that is both inspiring and visually stunning.
  • Skin Diameter: 26cm

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Clay Bass Darbuka With Mother Of Pearl

Embark on a mesmerizing musical adventure with the Clay Bass Darbuka, graced with alluring Mother of Pearl Decoration, a fusion of artistic brilliance and innovative craftsmanship, captivating the hearts of musicians and audiences alike.

Crafted with utmost precision and adorned with stunning Mother of Pearl designs, this darbuka stands as a true masterpiece, elevating your musical expression to soaring heights.

Key Attributes:

Elaborate Mother of Pearl Decoration: Adorned with intricate Mother of Pearl designs, the Clay Bass Darbuka boasts elegance and sophistication, accentuating its enchanting sound with visual splendor.

Skillful artisans meticulously create each delicate pattern, adding a touch of opulence to your musical performance.

Superior Clay Construction: Meticulously molded from premium clay, this darbuka ensures unparalleled resonance and tonal clarity.

Renowned for producing rich, warm bass tones that resonate with soulful depth, it is the favored choice among discerning musicians seeking a profound musical experience.

Natural Dye Colored Goat Skin: Embrace the authenticity of the drum’s sound, covered with colored goat skin dyed using natural pigments.

This preserves the integrity of the sound, delivering authentic vibrations that blend harmoniously with the clay body, creating an instrument of unmatched quality.

Effortless Light Tuning System: Embrace the convenience of precise tuning with the Clay Bass Darbuka’s Light Tuning System.

This ingeniously engineered feature enables easy and accurate adjustments, empowering you to fine-tune the drum to your desired pitch effortlessly, whether in studio sessions or captivating live performances.

Explore a World of Musical Versatility: Delight in boundless creative expression as the Clay Bass Darbuka’s versatile sound range allows you to explore diverse genres and musical expressions with impeccable finesse.

From deep and resonant bass tones to soaring highs, this instrument empowers you to create unforgettable melodies.

Stylish and Protective Gig Bag: Ensure your treasured darbuka stays safe during transportation with the sturdy and stylish gig bag provided.

Designed for maximum protection, it guarantees your Clay Bass Darbuka is always ready for any performance or recording session.

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and mesmerizing sounds of the Clay Bass Darbuka featuring Mother of Pearl Decoration.

Whether you are a seasoned percussionist seeking new horizons or an enthusiastic explorer of the rhythmic world, this darbuka promises an unforgettable musical journey that resonates deeply with your heart and soul.

Embrace the harmonious fusion of artistry and craftsmanship, allowing your music to resonate profoundly with every beat.

Body: Clay/Ceramic With Mother Of Pearl Desing

Skin: Goat Colored

Skin Diameter: 26cm

Additional information

Weight 9,2 kg


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