Cumbus Mandolin – Professional Sounds


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Zeynel Abidin Cümbüş Mandolin

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Cümbüş Mandolin

Featuring a diminutive body compared to its more traditional counterpart, artfully combining a banjo body with a mandolin neck to form an instrument of unparalleled charm.

With its smaller and compact body, this model exudes a delightful and unique resonance, thanks to the harmony of these two instruments.

This innovative design offers, even more, versatility, as it allows musicians to interchangeably use a ukulele neck with the instrument.

This opens up a world of musical exploration, enabling artists to experiment with various tunings and unlock a myriad of captivating tones.

Discover a musical experience like no other with this warm instrument, where delightful melodies and vibrant harmonies blend in perfect harmony.

Embrace the boundless creativity and cultural fusion this instrument offers, and let your musical journey be one of joy, curiosity, and enchantment.

Body: Aluminum / Handcrafted – Tumbled

Pegs: Mechanical Parts Auger

Handle: Beech

Wire: 4 Double Row Wire

Keyboard: Mahogany/Walnut

Sound Cover: 0.125-micron synthetic leather

Shipping From Turkey



Additional information

Weight 2,3 kg
Dimensions 49 × 23 × 13 cm


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