Wooden Cumbus Tanbur Professional


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Wooden Cumbus Tanbur

Bowed Or Plectrum Tanbur

It can be used as a bow or plectrum on different thresholds.

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Cumbus Wooden Tanbur

a captivating fusion of traditional Turkish music and modern craftsmanship, boasting a wooden body that sets it apart from the classic metallic version.

Crafted with a resonant wooden body in place of the traditional metal parts, the Wooden Cümbüş Tanbur offers a unique and enchanting timbre that adds a warm and organic quality to its sound.

Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of the tanbur, a cherished stringed instrument deeply rooted in Turkish culture, the Wooden Cümbüş Tanbur pays homage to centuries of musical tradition while embracing contemporary innovation.

With its elongated neck and harmonious combination of wood and strings, this remarkable instrument captures the essence of Turkish music, inviting musicians and listeners alike to immerse themselves in the depths of its soul-stirring melodies.

As you pluck, strum, or bow the strings of the Wooden Cümbüş Tanbur, you become part of a timeless symphony, carrying forward the legacy of Turkish music while exploring new realms of artistic expression and creativity.

Embrace the harmonious union of tradition and innovation as you embark on a musical journey like no other with the Wooden Cümbüş Tanbur.


Bowed Or Plectrum Tanbur 

Yayli & Mizrapli Tanbur

Body: Wood / 32 Slices – Mahogany / Walnut

Handle: Beech ( 54 frets)

Pegs: Mechanical Parts Auger

Srtings: 3 Double Row

Sound Cover: 0.125-micron synthetic leather

Shipping from Turkey!!

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Weight 4,5 kg


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