Persian Tanboor


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Persian Tanboor

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Persian Tanboor

The Persian Tamboor, also known as Tanboor or Tambur, is a mesmerizing and culturally significant musical instrument that has a long history in Persian music. This stringed instrument holds a special place in Persian classical and traditional music, captivating audiences with its unique and evocative sound.

Features a distinctive design, typically consisting of a long-necked wooden body with a round or oval-shaped bowl. The materials used in its construction are essential in shaping the instrument’s sound and character:

Bowl: The bowl is often crafted from mulberry wood, which is renowned for its warm and resonant tonal qualities. This choice of wood adds depth and richness to the instrument’s sound, contributing to the captivating melodies that the instrument produces.

Neck: The neck is typically made from walnut or other high-quality woods. The smooth and sturdy neck allows for effortless playability, enabling musicians to explore a wide range of melodic expressions.

Top: The top is usually crafted from mulberry wood as well, further enhancing the instrument’s resonance and projection. This wood pairing ensures a harmonious balance of tones between the bowl and the top, creating a captivating and expressive sound.

The Persian Tamboor carries with it a rich cultural heritage, dating back to ancient times, and has been an integral part of Persian musical traditions.

From the haunting melodies of classical Persian music to the vibrant tunes of folk music, the Tanboor remains an essential instrument that evokes the spirit of Persian culture.

Embrace the magic of Persian music with the Tanboor. Let its resonant tones and exceptional craftsmanship ignite your passion for music, connecting you to the soul of Persian traditions.

Elevate your musical expression, captivate your audience, and experience the true essence of Persian culture with this exceptional and culturally significant instrument.

With the Tamboor as your musical companion, you’ll embark on a melodic voyage that spans centuries of cultural heritage and musical inspiration.

Bowl: Mulberry wood

Neck: Walnut

Top: Mulberry

Bridge to Nut: 72 cm

Bowl: 39 cm



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