Yildirim Palabiyik Movingo Oud

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Yildirim Palabiyik Movingo Oud

Body: Movingo Top: Cedar Fingerboard: Ebony Pegs Ebony Tune: C/C

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Yildirim Palabiyik Movingo Oud

Introducing the Yildirim Palabiyik Movingo Oud – an extraordinary musical masterpiece that embodies the perfect harmony of artistry and innovation.

Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, this oud stands as a testament to the rich heritage of the instrument while embracing modern advancements to deliver an unparalleled musical experience.

Bowl: Movingo The heart and soul of the Yildirim Palabiyik Movingo Oud lies in its carefully sculpted Movingo wood bowl. Renowned for its exceptional tonal qualities, Movingo wood produces a warm and resonant sound that carries a unique depth and character.

The bowl’s artful construction ensures superb projection, allowing the melodies to soar and captivate the listeners with its enchanting timbre.

Top-Front: Cedar The exquisite soundboard of the Yildirim Palabiyik Movingo Oud is handcrafted from premium Cedar wood. Cedar is revered for its responsiveness and tonal warmth, adding a distinctive flavor to the instrument’s sound.

Its fine grain and natural resonance elevate the oud’s capabilities, making it ideal for both solo performances and ensemble playing. The top-front design enhances sound projection and ensures that every note sings with clarity and expressiveness.

Rosettes: Mother of Pearl Adorning the soundboard are intricately crafted rosettes made from the finest Mother of Pearl. These exquisite details not only add to the oud’s visual allure but also serve a functional purpose by enhancing the soundhole’s acoustics.

The Mother of Pearl rosettes contribute to the oud’s unique aesthetics, reflecting the instrument’s premium craftsmanship.

Fingerboard: Ebony The fingerboard of the Yildirim Palabiyik Movingo Oud is masterfully fashioned from luxurious Ebony wood.

Known for its smooth texture and durability, Ebony offers effortless playability and precise intonation. Musicians will find their fingers gliding effortlessly across the fingerboard, allowing for intricate musical expressions and a profound connection with the instrument.

Pegs: Ebony Complementing the fingerboard, the pegs are expertly handcrafted from Ebony wood, ensuring an elegant visual consistency while providing a stable and reliable tuning mechanism.

With the friction between the strings and the pegs finely balanced, musicians can confidently maintain their desired tuning with ease and assurance.

Strings: Kürschner Premium The Yildirim Palabiyik Movingo Oud is adorned with the prestigious Kürschner Premium strings, renowned for their exceptional tonal richness and durability.

These finely crafted strings add depth and resonance to the oud’s voice, allowing musicians to express themselves fully and connect emotionally with their music.

Complete Package: The Yildirim Palabiyik Movingo Oud comes as a complete package, designed to meet the needs of both seasoned players and aspiring musicians:

  • Hard Case: Safeguard your treasured oud with a robust hard case that provides maximum protection during travel and storage. The custom-fit interior ensures that the instrument is secured and shielded from external impacts.
  • Extra Strings Set: Embrace uninterrupted play and performance with the inclusion of an extra set of Kürschner Premium strings. Be ready for any musical journey and seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of music.

Unlock the true potential of your musical artistry with the Yildirim Palabiyik Movingo Oud. Immerse yourself in the magic of its resonant tones, luxurious craftsmanship, and artistic embellishments.

Whether you’re performing on stage or playing in the comfort of your home, this oud will become your faithful companion, inspiring creativity and transporting listeners to a world of mesmerizing melodies.



Bowl: Movingo Top-Front: Cedar

Rosettes: Mother of Pearl  Fingerboard: Ebony

Pegs: Ebony Strings: Kürschner Premium

Tune: C/C  Length of Body: 48.5 cm

Length of Neck: 19.5 cm String Length: 58.5 cm

Depth: 19 cm Width: 36.5 cm

Additional information

Weight 4,2 kg
Dimensions 89 × 43 × 29 cm


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