Professional Clay Solo Darbuka N.2

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  • Experience the allure of ancient rhythms and modern artistry with our Professional Clay Solo Darbuka.
  • Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, this exquisite percussion instrument delivers superior sound quality with its precisely tuned head and innovative tuning lamb system.
  • Whether you’re a solo performer or paart of an ensemble, the darbuka’s versatile and resonating tones, combined with its ergonomic design and included gig bag for easy portability, make it the perfect companion for any musical journey.
  • Unleash your rhythmic brilliance and captivate audiences with the captivating beauty and enchanting melodies of the Professional Clay Solo Darbuka.

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Professional Clay Solo Darbuka

Introducing the Professional Clay Solo Darbuka: Unleash Your Rhythmic Brilliance

Immerse yourself in the world of mesmerizing beats and enchanting rhythms with our exceptional Professional Clay Solo Darbuka.

Crafted to perfection, this exquisite percussion instrument is designed for musicians who seek nothing but the finest in sound quality, craftsmanship, and convenience.

Key Features:

Superior Craftsmanship: Handcrafted by skilled artisans, the Professional Clay Solo Darbuka showcases the epitome of craftsmanship.

Constructed with premium-quality clay materials, each darbuka is meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional durability and a resonating sound that captivates audiences.

Tuning Lamb System: Unlock limitless musical possibilities with the innovative tuning lamb system. Fine-tune your darbuka effortlessly to achieve the perfect pitch and create harmonies that resonate with your artistic expression.

Experience the joy of exploring various tones and melodies with this user-friendly tuning system.

Enhanced Portability: Take your rhythms wherever you go with ease, thanks to the included good gig bag. The bag is specially designed to protect your darbuka during transportation, making it ideal for performances, rehearsals, and travel.

This lightweight and durable bag ensures that your darbuka remains safe and ready for every musical endeavor.

Supreme Sound Quality: Elevate your musical journey with the Professional Clay Solo Darbuka’s superior sound quality.

The precisely tuned head and expertly crafted body produce captivating tones that are rich, authentic, and sure to enthrall both the performer and the audience alike.

Comfortable Playability: Enjoy hours of uninterrupted play with the darbuka’s ergonomic design, ensuring comfortable grip and ease of handling.

The instrument’s balanced weight distribution enhances playability, allowing you to focus solely on creating rhythmical masterpieces.

Aesthetically Stunning: Beauty meets functionality in this darbuka, adorned with elegant designs that add a touch of sophistication to its appearance.

Whether displayed as a centerpiece or played in live performances, the Professional Clay Solo Darbuka is an absolute delight to behold.

Ideal for Soloists and Ensembles: Whether you’re a solo performer seeking to captivate audiences with your rhythms or part of an ensemble looking to add depth to your music, this darbuka is the perfect companion.

Its versatility makes it suitable for various musical genres, from traditional Middle Eastern tunes to contemporary global melodies.

Embrace the art of percussion and unlock the full potential of your rhythmic brilliance with the Professional Clay Solo Darbuka.

Perfect your performances, explore new musical realms, and carry the soul of your music with you, wherever you may wander.

Elevate your musical journey today and experience the magic this timeless instrument has to offer. Take center stage with the Professional Clay Solo Darbuka and let your rhythms create waves of euphoria among listeners and fellow musicians alike.



Skin Diametter: 23 cm

Diameter: 30 cm

Height: 45cm

Weight: 4,665kg

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Weight 7,1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
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