Cumbus Oud – Classical Model


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Cumbus Oud: Features an adjustable and interchangeable neck, allowing height adjustments and the option to change the neck if desired. This means that with a single metal body, you can create different instruments by adding different necks.

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 Cümbüş Classical Basic Model

A testament to musical excellence without decoration on the bowl, featuring the signature oud neck found in all customary Cümbüş models.

Skillfully crafted with a metallic body, adorned gracefully with either natural or synthetic skin delicately stretched over the soundboard, this exceptional instrument boasts an elongated neck, precise frets, and soulful metal strings. Through this meticulous artistry, the Cümbüş Classical Basic Model delivers an unparalleled and versatile sound, skillfully blending the enchanting melodies of a guitar, the rhythmic allure of a banjo, and the mesmerizing resonance of an oud.

A symbol of innovation, the Cümbüş Classical Basic Model boasts its unique feature—an adjustable and interchangeable neck system. Empowering musicians to effortlessly customize the instrument’s height to their liking and seamlessly switch between neck options, this ingenious design unlocks a vast realm of tonal possibilities, allowing artists to embark on a captivating journey of sonic exploration and shape their distinctive musical identity.

The Cümbüş Classical Basic Model transcends musical boundaries, embracing various genres and inspiring limitless artistic expressions. Whether evoking ageless melodies or ushering in a new era of musical innovation, this instrument stands ready to elevate performances to unprecedented heights.

Beyond its harmonious prowess, the metallic body of the Cümbüş Classical Basic Model acts as an extraordinary resonating chamber, imparting a distinct and captivating projection to the music. From intimate gatherings to grand stages, every note resonates with crystal-clear clarity and passionate vigor, captivating the hearts of the audience.

Built upon the cherished traditions of Turkish heritage while embracing the pinnacle of modern craftsmanship, the Cümbüş Classical Basic Model embodies the essence of musical evolution. Its timeless allure invites artists of diverse backgrounds to weave their unique narratives, unlocking boundless realms of creativity and sonic exploration.

As you immerse yourself in the world of the Cümbüş Classical Basic Model, prepare to unleash your artistic vision and embark on a musical odyssey unlike any other. Let this journey be one where every note paints a vibrant tapestry of culture and innovation, breathing life into your melodies and resonating with the depths of human emotion.

Shipping From Turkey

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Weight 4,4 kg
Dimensions 89 × 38 × 23 cm


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