Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas Rosewood Oud

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  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Turkish music with the Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas Rosewooda meticulously crafted instrument by the renowned oud master Feramis Usta from Izmir, Turkey.
  • Made from Rosewood and adorned with Eastern Spruce, Mother of Pearl cage, and Rosewood pegs, this oud delivers warm, melodious tones and exceptional sound projection.
  • Embodying the rich cultural heritage of Turkish music, this masterpiece reflects Feramis’ expertise and dedication, providing musicians with an unparalleled gateway to express emotions through music with utmost clarity and resonance.
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Introducing the Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas Rosewood- A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship and Melody.

Discover the captivating allure of the Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas Maple, a finely crafted instrument that embodies the essence of Turkish musical heritage.

Handcrafted by the renowned oud master, Feramis Usta, hailing from Izmir, Turkey, this oud showcases exceptional artistry and superior sound quality.

The body, meticulously constructed from premium Rosewood, offers a perfect balance of resonance and clarity, producing warm and melodious tones that will enchant both players and listeners alike.

The front of the oud features Eastern Spruce (Picea orientalis), chosen for its exceptional sound projection and responsiveness.

Feramis Aktas Maple Oud boasts exquisite details, such as a Mother of Pearl cage, adding a touch of elegance to its design.

The Rosewood pegs ensure stable tuning, providing musicians with ease of play and confidence during performances.

The strings are carefully selected to enhance the resonance and timbre of each note, allowing players to express their emotions through music with exceptional clarity.

Master Feramis, the talented oud maker behind this masterpiece, was born with a passion for woodworking and music. His journey began in wooden workshops at a young age, and he reached new heights when he crossed paths with his mentor, Sinai Ozkan.

Under the tutelage of Master Sinai , Feramis Usta refined his skills in crafting traditional instruments such as oud, tanbur, lute, and qanun.

Today, his dedication and expertise shine through in every aspect of the Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas Maple.

Embrace the rich cultural heritage and timeless beauty of Turkish music with this remarkable oud.

Whether you’re a seasoned Oud player or a passionate enthusiast, the Professional Turkish Oud By Feramis Aktas Maple will be your gateway to an enchanting world of melodies, emotions, and artistic expression.

Let the resonating sounds of this masterful instrument elevate your musical journey to new heights.

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Weight 4,2 kg
Dimensions 89 × 43 × 29 cm


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