Professional Arabic Electric Oud By Feramis Aktas

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Discover this amazing Electric Oud, meticulously handcrafted with a walnut body, ebony fingerboard, and Eastern spruce top.

Experience the unique sound and rich Arabic musical tradition with this exceptional instrument, perfect for stage performances and professional recordings.


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 Semi-Hollow Electric Oud  Master Feramis Aktas

Experience Turkish music’s captivating sounds and rich heritage with the Semi-Hollow Electro Ouds by Master Feramis Usta.

This exceptional instrument is meticulously handcrafted, incorporating traditional craftsmanship and high-quality materials to ensure an unparalleled playing experience.

Craftsmanship and Materials:
Features a carefully crafted walnut body, known for its warm and resonant tonal qualities. The ebony fingerboard provides smooth playability, allowing your fingers to navigate the frets effortlessly.

The Eastern spruce top adds depth and clarity to the sound, enhancing the oud’s distinctive voice.

The mother-of-pearl cage elegantly adorns the instrument, showcasing attention to detail and artistic flair.

Professional Performance and Recording:

Master Feramis Usta’s instrument is designed to excel in both stage performances and professional recordings.

Its exceptional craftsmanship and carefully selected materials ensure a balanced and captivating sound that can fill concert halls and recording studios alike.

The versatility of this oud allows musicians to fully express their artistic vision, whether on stage or in the studio.

the body length of 50 cm, width of 37 cm, and depth of 20 cm   keyboard length of 20 cm  string length, of 60 cm

Immerse yourself in Turkish music with amazing instruments by Master Feramis Usta. Embrace the tradition, craftsmanship, and passion behind each instrument, and embark on a musical journey that resonates with the essence of Turkish maqams.

Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio, this oud is ready to bring your musical expression to new heights.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 95 × 45 × 30 cm


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