Professional Solo Clay Darbuka N.21

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Professional Clay Darbuka


Skin Diametter: 23,5cm

Diameter: 31cm

Height: 44cm

Weight: 4,610kg

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Unleash Rich, Resonant Percussion with the Professional Clay Darbuka

Elevate your drumming experience with our Professional Clay Darbuka, meticulously crafted from high-quality clay to deliver powerful, deep tones and unmatched playing comfort. This professional-grade instrument is ideal for seasoned percussionists and aspiring musicians alike, thanks to its superior design and captivating sound.


  • Authentic Clay Construction: Experience the warmth and resonance that clay delivers. Professional darbuka players favor clay for its depth of sound and exceptional projection, allowing you to cut through the mix with ease.
  • Large Playing Surface: The 23.5cm diameter goatskin drumhead provides ample playing area for unrestricted exploration of traditional and contemporary techniques. Whether you’re mastering intricate finger rolls or unleashing thunderous doum sounds, this darbuka offers the perfect platform for your creativity.
  • Optimal Size and Weight: Standing at an impressive 44cm tall, this darbuka offers exceptional stability during performances. Yet, with a comfortable playing weight of 4.61kg, it ensures ease of handling and maneuverability for extended playing sessions.
  • Visually Stunning Design: The clay body features an elegant design that complements any stage or studio setting. The natural beauty of the clay adds a touch of sophistication to your musical setup.

Perfect for:

  • Professional drummers seeking a top-tier darbuka to enhance their live performances and studio recordings.
  • Aspiring musicians looking to elevate their darbuka playing and refine their skills.
  • Anyone who appreciates the rich cultural heritage and captivating sounds of the darbuka.

Order your Professional Clay Darbuka today and unlock a world of dynamic drumming possibilities!


Skin Diametter: 23,5cm

Diameter: 31cm

Height: 44cm

Weight: 4,610kg

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Weight 6,2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
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