Introducing the captivating and versatile Riq, a percussion instrument that takes center stage in our diverse range of percussion instruments.

Welcome to our dedicated Riq category at Tapadum Music Store, where we proudly present a diverse selection of meticulously crafted Riqs. Each Riq model is the result of skilled artisans’ craftsmanship, ensuring exceptional quality and delivering an authentic sound that resonates with the soul. Explore a variety of sizes, materials, and designs, allowing you to find the Riq that perfectly complements your playing style and musical preferences.

The Riq features a wooden body adorned with bronze and brass cymbals, creating a symphony of melodic tones. With diameters ranging from 22-24 cm, these hand-held tambourines can be classified as either externally or internally tuned, depending on their tuning style. Internal tuning systems, placed within the wooden circle, distinguish them with their balanced weight and ease of playing compared to externally tuned tambourines.

The choice of skin used on the frame further adds to the Riq’s versatility. From synthetic leather to fiber, goat skin, and fish skin, each skin imparts its unique character to the instrument’s sound.

As you embark on your musical journey with the Riq, you’ll find fascinating connections to similar instruments such as Brazil’s Pandeiro and Italy’s Tamburello, each offering distinct playing techniques that add to the percussive enchantment.

Thank you for entrusting Tapadum Music Store as your partner in musical exploration. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect Riq, enhancing your percussive expression, and celebrating the rhythmic harmony of this exceptional instrument.

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