Turkish Oud

Turkish ouds are typically eleven-stringed instruments. These strings consist of a pair of lower four double strings and a single string on top. This arrangement helps in producing a rich and full-bodied sound. The body of the oud is usually made from hardwood such as maple, rosewood, or walnut. These woods possess ideal qualities to support the warm and rich tones of the oud.

The body of Turkish ouds is often designed with a slight curvature. This curvature provides deep and resonant tones in the back and chest of the instrument. Additionally, the front face of the oud features intricately carved decorations and motifs, enhancing the instrument’s beauty and aesthetic appeal.

The frets of Turkish ouds can be made from natural wood or bone. Precise placement of the frets offers players a comfortable playing experience and ensures accurate intonation. Some Turkish ouds may have adjustable frets on the fingerboard, allowing flexibility for the player’s preferences.

The unique sound of Turkish ouds is characterized by its high tone and rich resonance. These instruments are used to express a wide range of emotional and evocative melodies and modes. The microtonal features that reflect the distinctive style of Turkish music contribute to the unique sound of Turkish ouds.

Turkish ouds are popular among professional musicians, students, and passionate music enthusiasts who perform Turkish music. These instruments are well-suited for the execution of traditional Turkish maqams and provide a powerful tool for expressing the rich and profound emotions of Turkish music.

The Turkish ouds available in the Turkish Oud category at Tapadum Ethnic Music Store are meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Turkish music. They offer a wide range of specifications, including different wood selections, decorative styles, and variations in sound characteristics. These ouds cater to musicians of all levels, providing a gateway to exploring and immersing oneself in the enchanting world of Turkish music

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