Arabic Maple Oud MG-A3

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  •  Discover the Arabic Maple Oud MG-A3, expertly crafted with maple, spruce, and ebony.
  • With its user-friendly design and support from the Tapadum team, this oud ensures a smooth learning experience and hassle-free improvement.
  • Get answers to your technical and musical questions from our dedicated team.

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 Arabic Maple Oud

Perfect for Easy Learning and Improving Oud Skills

Discover the Arabic Maple Oud, an affordable and beginner-friendly instrument tailored to foster learning and skill improvement for oud enthusiasts.

With a maple body, spruce front, ebony keyboard, and pegs, this oud ensures a comfortable playing experience without compromising on exceptional sound quality. Supported by the renowned Tapadum team, you can confidently begin your oud journey and achieve musical mastery with ease.

Crafted from Versatile Maple: The Arabic Maple Oud MG-A3 boasts a maple body, a tonewood known for its versatility and easy playability.

Embracing maple enhances the oud’s responsiveness, ensuring a balanced tone and smooth playing experience, making it an ideal choice for beginners and self-improving musicians.

Resonant Spruce Soundboard: Featuring a carefully selected spruce soundboard, this oud delivers clarity and resonance to its tonal characteristics.

Embracing spruce enriches the oud’s sound, providing a vibrant and expressive quality that captivates listeners, enabling you to explore diverse musical styles and techniques.

Ebony Keyboard and Pegs: The Arabic Maple Oud MG-A3 boasts an elegant ebony keyboard, offering a smooth and comfortable playing surface, allowing your fingers to glide effortlessly over the notes. Additionally, the ebony pegs ensure stable tuning, providing a reliable and consistent sound as you play.

Premium Strings for Balanced Tone: Equipped with Kürschner Premium Strings, this oud delivers a balanced tone and excellent responsiveness, empowering you to explore various musical styles with confidence and precision.

Optimized Design and Specifications: Carefully designed with a body length of 49 cm, keyboard length of 19.5 cm, string length of 60 cm, depth of 19 cm, handle width ranging from 38 to 56 mm, and a string height of 1.8 mm, the Arabic Maple Oud MG-A3 offers a comfortable playing experience, allowing you to fully focus on honing your oud skills.

Technical Support from Tapadum: Unlike many instruments purchased online without proper quality control, the Arabic Maple Oud MG-A3 undergoes rigorous inspection and control by the skilled Tapadum team, led by Mustafa Usta.

With minimal technical issues, you can confidently embark on your musical journey. Our dedicated team is readily available to address your technical and oud-specific musical questions, providing comprehensive support both before and after your purchase, ensuring you enjoy a seamless musical experience.

Unleash Your Musical Potential: Begin your oud learning and skill enhancement journey with the Arabic Maple Oud. Crafted with precision and designed for effortless learning, this oud allows you to focus on developing your abilities.

Enjoy the dedicated assistance of our team and unlock your musical potential with the Arabic Maple Oud.


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Weight 4,2 kg
Dimensions 89 × 43 × 29 cm


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