Caglama – New Generation Series B1

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  • The Caglama – New Generation Series B1 is a groundbreaking instrument born from the fusion of the Electric guitar and Baglama
  • Crafted with a Body Plane Tree and a Neck of mahogany and afrormosia press.
  • Its custom bridge ensures impeccable intonation, while the Ers single custom pick-up captures every nuance of the player’s unique sound.
  • Developed by Turkish musician Ömür Kılıçarslan, the Caglama offers a captivating and distinct sound that transcends both Western and Eastern styles, making it a preferred choice for musicians worldwide.
  • Embrace the evolution of music with the Caglama – an instrument that bridges cultures and redefines creative boundaries.

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Discover the Caglama – New Generation Series B1,

an instrument that pushes the boundaries of musical innovation. This unique creation is a result of the fusion between the Electric guitar and Baglama, culminating in a captivating sound that transcends genres and cultures.

Crafted with precision and passion, the Body Plane Tree lends not only a striking appearance but also a resonance that resonates with the soul of the player and the listener alike.

The marriage of mahogany and afrormosia press in the Neck guarantees unparalleled stability and a warm, rich tone that sets the instrument apart from traditional instruments.

Enhancing the sonic capabilities of the Caglama is the Ers single custom pick-up, a cutting-edge feature that captures every nuance of your performance.

From delicate plucks to powerful strums, this pickup faithfully reproduces your unique sound, allowing your creativity to flow unrestricted.

The Caglama is not just a mere instrument; it’s a living testament to the artistry of Turkish musician Ömür Kılıçarslan.

This instrument continues to evolve and inspire musicians worldwide, breaking boundaries between Eastern and Western styles and inviting artists to explore uncharted musical territories.

Unleash your potential, embrace the fusion of cultures, and create music that transcends borders with this exceptional instrument in your hands.

Join the league of renowned musicians who have already made the Caglama an integral part of their musical journey. Elevate your artistry, and let the Caglama be the catalyst for your musical evolution.

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Weight 3,9 kg
Dimensions 79 × 33 × 23 cm


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