Classical Cumbus Oud – “Antique”


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Cumbuş Oud

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Cumbuş Banjo Oud

 Model Antique

The “Antique” Classical Cümbüş Oud, a splendid musical masterpiece that reveres the opulent legacy of Turkish melodies, drawing inspiration from the previously showcased Cümbüş Classical Basic Model. This exceptional Oud variation seamlessly blends vintage allure with contemporary artistry, captivating both maestros and connoisseurs alike.

Similar to the Cümbüş Classical Basic Model, the “Antique” Classical Cümbüş Oud boasts the same dimensions, with a larger frame and an elongated neck, staying loyal to the essence of its forerunners. The meticulously handcrafted metallic body adorned with natural or artificial skin over the soundboard produces a resplendent and adaptable sound, echoing the enchanting amalgamation of guitar, banjo, and oud elements.

Yet, what truly sets the “Antique” Classical Cümbüş Oud apart are the exquisite traditional adornments gracing its body, adding a timeless touch of elegance. Each decoration bears the distinctive mark of skilled artisans, paying homage to age-old techniques and artistic expressions that have adorned Turkish musical instruments for generations.

Embracing the spirit of ingenuity, this Oud model also features the adjustable and interchangeable neck system found in the Cümbüş Classical Basic Model. Musicians are granted the freedom to customize the instrument’s height according to their preferences, delving into a vast array of tonal possibilities by experimenting with different necks.

The “Antique” Classical Cümbüş Oud embodies the essence of nostalgia, serving as a cherished bridge between the past and the present, seamlessly uniting classical refinement with modern adaptability. Be it a solo performance, collaborative ensembles, or spellbinding solo improvisations, this instrument encapsulates the soul of Turkish musical tradition.

As the enchanting harmonies resonate from the “Antique” Classical Cümbüş Oud, listeners are transported to an era of old, where the resplendent tapestry of traditional Turkish music springs to life. Embrace the alluring charm of the “Antique” Oud, an instrument that echoes the past while embracing the future, and let your music weave a timeless tale of beauty and artistic brilliance.


Body: Aluminum

. Tuning Pegs: Mechanical Parts Pegs

. Neck: Beech

. Strings: 6 Double Row Strings

. Keyboard: Formica

. Sound Cover: 0.125-micron synthetic leather

Shipping From Turkey



Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 89 × 35 × 25 cm


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