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The Cümbüş Saz, also acknowledged as the Banjo Bağlama is a captivating Turkish musical instrument that fuses the allure of the banjo with the heartfelt resonance of the bağlama.

Featuring its metallic body and elongated neck, this versatile instrument produces mesmerizing melodies and rhythmic arrangements, rendering it a cherished choice for both classic and modern music genres.

Embrace the harmony of legacy and ingenuity with the Cümbüş Saz, and allow its melodious sounds to transport you to the core of Turkish musical heritage.

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Cumbus Saz

“Basic” Model (Baglama Neck Cumbus)

Also known as the Banjo Bağlama, an intriguing and versatile Turkish musical instrument that harmoniously combines elements from the cümbüş (banjo) and the bağlama. This exceptional amalgamation results in a captivating and melodious sound, endearing the Cümbüş Saz to musicians and music enthusiasts alike.

Much akin to the bağlama, the Cümbüş Saz typically features a metallic body with an elongated neck, adorned with metallic or nylon strings. Nevertheless, its design incorporates influences from the banjo, giving rise to a distinctive and charming identity.

The Cümbüş Saz is skillfully played with a plectrum, empowering musicians to pluck the strings and weave delightful tunes and rhythmic arrangements.

Its adaptability encompasses a broad spectrum of playing styles, making it ideal for diverse genres, including traditional Turkish folk music and contemporary compositions.

As a respected instrument in Turkish music, the Cümbüş Saz takes center stage in cultural celebrations, gatherings, and performances. Its enchanting and heartfelt sound holds the capacity to evoke sentiments of nostalgia, transporting listeners to the core of Turkish musical traditions.

Additional Information:

The instrument’s history can be traced back to the early 20th century when innovative musicians first conceived it, aiming to expand the possibilities of traditional Turkish instruments.

Its resonant and captivating sound has led to its popularity not only in Turkey but also among musicians and music enthusiasts worldwide.

In addition to its use in traditional music, the Cümbüş Saz has found its place in contemporary music, collaborating with various genres and styles, making it a versatile and dynamic instrument in modern musical expressions.

The Cümbüş Saz’s metallic body contributes to its robust and expressive sound, allowing musicians to evoke a wide range of emotions through their performances.

Its portability and ease of play make it a popular choice for musicians of all levels, from street performers to professional artists.


Body: Aluminum

Pegs: Mechanical Parts Pegs

Neck: Beech ( 19 / 24 frets) (Long or Short Neck)

Fingerboard: Mahogany / Walnut

Sound Cover: 0.125-micron synthetic leather

***Shipping From Our Warehouse in Izmir /Turkey


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 94 × 39 × 25 cm


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