Professional Turkish Black Sea Kemence – Karadeniz Kemencesi

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  • Discover the allure of the Black Sea Kemence (Karadeniz Kemencesi), a beautifully crafted traditional string instrument.
  • Hand-carved from Mulberry wood with Rosewood keyboard and pegs, an Ebony tail, and a Maple tree bridge, this Kemence produces rich, soulful tones.
  • Complete with a Sagittarius horsehair bow and soft bag, it’s the perfect choice for musicians seeking to immerse themselves in the captivating melodies of the Black Sea region.
  • Unleash your musical passion with the Black Sea Kemence and embrace the cultural heritage it embodies.

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Professional Turkish Black See Kemence

Introducing the Black Sea Kemence (Karadeniz Kemencesi) – a mesmerizing musical instrument that captures the soulful essence of the Black Sea region’s rich cultural heritage.

Crafted with utmost care and precision, this traditional Kemence boasts a harmonious blend of exquisite materials and exceptional craftsmanship, making it a true treasure for musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Exquisite Materials: The body of the Black Sea Kemence is expertly carved from the finest Mulberry wood, renowned for its durability and resonant properties.

The natural beauty of Mulberry shines through in every curve, reflecting the instrument’s authenticity and allure.

The delicate keyboard, handcrafted from lustrous Rosewood, ensures smooth and effortless playability, allowing your fingers to dance across the strings with grace and precision.

Perfectly Tuned: Embracing traditional aesthetics, the pegs of this Kemence are also made from Rosewood, facilitating accurate and stable tuning.

You can easily create captivating melodies and explore various scales without compromising on the instrument’s tuning stability.

Impeccable Details: The elegant tailpiece, meticulously crafted from Ebony, complements the Kemence’s aesthetic, adding an air of sophistication to its overall design.

An exquisite Maple tree bridge enhances the instrument’s tonal characteristics, allowing for a rich and well-balanced sound that fills the air with warmth and emotion.

Sagittarius Bow: Embrace the soul of the Kemence with the Sagittarius bow, featuring horsehair that has been carefully selected for its responsiveness and resilience.

Draw the bow across the strings, and experience the evocative tones that bring life to the traditional melodies of the Black Sea region.

Complete Set: The Black Sea Kemence comes with a soft bag, ensuring that your cherished instrument is protected during transportation and storage. With its lightweight and convenient design, you can take your music wherever your heart desires.

Indulge in the enchanting world of traditional Black Sea melodies and immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of the region with the Black Sea Kemence.

Whether you are an experienced musician or a curious beginner, this Kemence promises to be an instrument that captivates your soul and brings joy to your musical journey.

Embrace the cultural legacy of the Black Sea with this extraordinary Kemence, and let its melodies resonate in your heart for years to come.

– Body: Carved Mulberry
– Keyboard: Rosewood
– Pegs: Rosewood
– Tail: Ebony
– Bridge: Maple tree
– Sagittarius: Horsehair

It Comes With:
– Soft Bag
– Bow (Horsehair)

Additional information

Weight 2,4 kg
Dimensions 60 × 25 × 20 cm


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