Traditional Turkish Kabak Kemane


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Traditional Turkish Kabak Kemane ++ Padded Gigbag

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Introducing the Turkish Kabak Kemane – A Melodic Journey into Tradition:

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Turkish music with the authentic Turkish Kabak Kemane. This unique and traditional bowed instrument, renowned for its soul-stirring melodies, is your gateway to experiencing the rich cultural heritage of Turkey.

Expertly Crafted by Luthiers: The Turkish Kabak Kemane is meticulously handcrafted by skilled luthiers who have mastered the art of instrument-making passed down through generations. Each piece is lovingly created with precision and care, ensuring the highest quality and a truly exceptional musical experience.

Natural Materials, Exquisite Tones: At the heart of the Turkish Kabak Kemane lies a dried and hollowed pumpkin (kabak) resonator, carefully selected for its unique tonal properties. This resonator is complemented by a delicately applied thin membrane of skin, traditionally sourced from fish or snake, creating a captivating timbre that delights the senses.

Traditional Bowing Technique: The Kabak Kemane is played using a special bowing technique called “sultani,” a skill that takes years to master. Through this technique, musicians can evoke a wide range of emotions as the bow glides gracefully across the strings, and the resonator amplifies the notes, infusing the music with an unmistakable Turkish flair.

Versatile and Dynamic: The Turkish Kabak Kemane is a highly versatile instrument, capable of performing both classical and folk melodies with equal finesse. Its ability to express both lively dance tunes and poignant ballads makes it a cherished favorite among musicians seeking to explore the diverse musical genres of Turkey.

A Cultural Treasure: The Kabak Kemane is not just an instrument; it is a cultural treasure that embodies the essence of Turkish musical heritage. With its timeless melodies, the Kabak Kemane has been an integral part of Turkish celebrations, ceremonies, and gatherings, weaving its way into the hearts of people for centuries.

Complete Package: To enhance your playing experience, the Turkish Kabak Kemane comes with a gig bag for safe storage and easy transportation. Additionally, a traditional bow known as “Arshe” is included, ensuring you have all the essential tools to unleash the instrument’s true potential.

Embrace the Spirit of Tradition: Whether you are an experienced musician or a curious enthusiast, the Turkish Kabak Kemane offers a unique opportunity to connect with Turkish culture through its enchanting music. Embrace the spirit of tradition as you hold this beautifully crafted instrument in your hands, and let its melodies transport you to the vibrant and soulful world of Turkish music.

Discover the magic of the Turkish Kabak Kemane and embark on a melodic journey that transcends time and borders. Celebrate the beauty and artistry of Turkey’s musical legacy, and let the timeless tunes of the Kabak Kemane weave their spell upon your heart.

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Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 30 × 20 cm


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