Cumbus Saz “Anatolian” (Baglama Neck Cumbus) Colorful Desing


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Cumbus Saz Creat by Zeynel Abidin Cumbus

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Cumbus Saz

“Anatolian” Model (Baglama Neck Cumbus)

Colorful Traditional Desing

Introducing the Cümbüş Saz, also recognized as the Banjo Bağlama, an instrument that unleashes a realm of imaginative sounds and musical exploration.

The Cümbüş Saz, with its distinctive banjo-like body and the soulful resonance of the bağlama, presents a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. This captivating instrument opens doors to novel dimensions of sonic expression, inviting musicians to embark on an exceptional musical journey.

With its unique design and versatile sound, the Cümbüş Saz ignites the artistic spirit, empowering musicians to push the limits of their creativity. From enchanting melodic lines to rhythmic percussive beats, this instrument empowers artists to weave a rich tapestry of sounds that enthralls audiences.

Whether you are a seasoned musician or an aspiring artist, the Cümbüş Saz welcomes you to an infinite realm of possibilities. Uncover the splendor of Turkish musical traditions, infuse them with contemporary elements, and let your imagination soar as you shape distinctive and innovative sounds with the Cümbüş Saz – a true embodiment of artistic brilliance.

Here’s some additional information about Cümbüş and Bağlama:

The Cümbüş is a unique and innovative Turkish musical instrument that was developed in the early 20th century by Zeynel Abidin Cümbüş. It is often described as a hybrid instrument, combining elements from the guitar, banjo, and oud.

The Cümbüş features a metallic body with a soundboard covered by natural or synthetic skin, an elongated neck, frets, and metal strings. This construction contributes to its versatile and distinct sound, which can be likened to a resonant blend of different musical worlds.

The Bağlama, also known as Saz, is another traditional Turkish musical instrument widely used throughout the country. It belongs to the lute family and comes in various sizes and tunings, each producing distinct timbres and characteristics.

The Bağlama typically features a wooden body with a long neck, adorned with metal or nylon strings. It is played with a plectrum, often referred to as a “Mızrap” or “Pick,” which is used to pluck the strings and create melodies and rhythms.

Body: Aluminum

Pegs: Mechanical Parts Pegs

Neck: Beech ( 19 / 24 frets) (Long or Short Neck)

Fingerboard: Mahogany / Walnut

Sound Cover: 0.125-micron synthetic leather

***Shipping From Our Warehouse in Izmir /Turkey


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 95 × 35 × 30 cm


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