Cumbus Saz Cooper (Saz Neck Cumbus) Sazbus Professional


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Cooper Cumbus Saz Created by Zeynel Abidin Cumbus

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The Cümbüş  is a unique and innovative instrument that holds a special place in Turkish music, having been developed by Zeynel Abidin Cümbüş in the early 20th century.

It features a cooper body with natural or synthetic skin stretched over the soundboard, a long neck, frets, and metal strings, creating a versatile sound that blends elements of a guitar, banjo, and oud.

A key innovation of the Cümbüş is its adjustable and interchangeable neck, allowing height adjustments and the option to switch necks.

This design provides flexibility for players to adjust the instrument’s height to their preferences and explore different tonal possibilities by using different necks.

With this unique feature, it becomes a versatile instrument that can adapt to various musical styles and creative expressions.

The cooper body also acts as a resonating chamber, amplifying the sound and giving the instrument a distinct projection and tonal quality.

This resonator system allows the instrument to be heard clearly in various musical settings, from intimate performances to larger ensembles.

With its fusion of traditional Turkish heritage and modern craftsmanship, this instrument opens doors to a world of creativity and sonic exploration.

Body: Cooper

Pegs: Mechanical Parts Pegs

Neck: Beech ( 19 / 24 frets) (Long or Short Neck)

Fingerboard: Mahogany / Walnut

Sound Cover: 0.125-micron synthetic leather


This instrument, designed based on the baglama, is smaller and thinner than the Cümbüş.

Long and Short neck options are available!!

.Body: Copper / Hand Forged

. Tuning Pegs: Mechanical Parts

. Neck: Beech ( 19 / 24 frets)

. Keyboard: Mahogany / Walnut

. Strings: 3 Double Row Wire

. Sound Cover: 0.125-micron synthetic leather

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 94 × 35 × 25 cm


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