Feramis Aktas Ouds

Meet Feramis Usta: The Master of Turkish Ouds

Born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1965, Feramis Usta is a true craftsman and woodworking virtuoso. His journey in the world of instrument making began at a young age when he started working in woodworking workshops. However, his life took a momentous turn in 1981 when he crossed paths with his master, Sinai Ozkan. Under Sinai Usta’s tutelage, Feramis Usta delved into the art of crafting traditional Turkish musical instruments like oud, tanbur, lute, and qanun.

Sinai Ozkan Usta was an esteemed authority in Turkish musical instrument construction and a revered figure in the Turkish oud tradition. During his time in Sinai Usta’s workshop, Feramis Usta soaked up invaluable knowledge and honed his skills in the craft of Turkish oud making. Under Sinai Usta’s guidance, he mastered every facet of instrument construction, skillfully capturing the unique qualities of traditional Turkish musical instruments.

Feramis Usta’s Turkish ouds stand as exceptional instruments that embody the very essence of Turkish musical heritage. Each oud is meticulously handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, adhering to time-honored methods and utilizing premium materials. From the careful selection of wood to the precise shaping of the soundbox and ensuring perfect resonance, Usta’s dedication shines through in every instrument.

With Feramis Usta’s Turkish ouds, musicians are granted a gateway to the profound depths of Turkish music. The unique sound of these ouds serves as a powerful tool for skillfully expressing Turkish maqams. Every oud possesses a distinct character that reflects Feramis Usta’s extensive experience and unwavering passion.

Tapadum Ethnic Music Store takes immense pride in featuring Feramis Usta’s Turkish ouds in a special section. Each instrument has been thoughtfully chosen to offer Turkish music enthusiasts and professional musicians an authentic and soulful Turkish oud experience. With their exquisite craftsmanship and distinctive sounds, Feramis Usta’s Turkish ouds unlock the door to the rich and evocative realm of Turkish music.

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