Arabic Iraqi Oud – Mobile Suspended bridge – Premium Quality Oud ++Hard Case

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  • it comes with a fiber hard case (Save 250$) and Kürschner Premium Strings Set ( Save 35$)
  • Arabic Iraqi Oud – (mobile suspended bridge)
  • Premium Quality at an Affordable Price
  • Pamela  bowl for durability and resonance
  • Spruce front for warm and vibrant tones
  • Ebony keyboard and pegs for smooth playability
  • Responsive string height for intricate melodies and expressive techniques, particular arabic
  • Perfect for professional musicians and stage and recording performances

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Arabic Iraqi Oud

 with Mobile Suspended Bridge

  • it comes with a fiber hard case (Save 250$) and Kürschner Premium Strings Set ( Save 35$)

Experience the exquisite beauty and enchanting sounds of the Arabic Iraqi Oud. This meticulously crafted oud features a Pamela wood bowl, providing a rich and resonant tone.

The spruce further enhances the instrument’s tonal qualities, delivering a warm and vibrant sound.

One of the standout features of this oud is its mobile suspended bridge. Designed to perfection, the mobile suspended bridge allows for precise adjustment and optimal resonance. It ensures that the strings maintain the perfect balance, resulting in clear and harmonious tones.

The fingerboard and pegs, made from high-quality ebony, not only add to the instrument’s visual appeal but also contribute to its exceptional playability.

The smooth and durable ebony fingerboard allows for comfortable finger positioning, facilitating effortless playing and precise intonation.

The ebony pegs provide reliable tuning stability, ensuring that your oud stays in tune for extended periods of playing.

Discover the beauty of Arabic music and elevate your playing experience with the Arabic  Iraqi Oud. Order yours today and embark on a musical adventure filled with rich melodies and soulful expressions.

Tree Type (Bowl): Pamela

Tree Type (Front): Spruce

Fingerboard: Ebony

Pegs: Ebony

Tune: Do-Do

Strings: Kürschner Premium Strings (11 String)

Body Length: 49 cm

Keyboard Length: 19.5 cm

String Length: 58.5 cm

Depth: 19 cm

Handle Width: 38 – 56 mm

String Height: 1.8 mm

Featuring a mobile suspended bridge, the oud offers a unique advantage by producing broader tones and enhanced resonance across its entire surface. This innovative design effectively prevents unwanted noises from infiltrating the instrument. The mobile suspended bridge is a crucial element for ouds as it accommodates the natural fluctuations of wood caused by changes in environmental humidity. Over time, the strings may subtly adjust their position relative to the fingerboard. Fortunately, no specialized technical knowledge is required to effortlessly adjust the mobile suspended bridge and maintain optimal playability.

  • it comes with a fiber hard case (Save 250$) and a Kürschner Premium Strings Set ( Save 35$)


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Weight 4,1 kg
Dimensions 89 × 43 × 29 cm


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