Fretless Electric Guitar

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  • Experience the remarkable artistry of Tapadum Music Store’s Fretless Electric Guitar—a masterpiece handcrafted by their talented luthiers team.
  • With a Mulberry body exuding natural beauty and rich tonal qualities, a Walnut-Afromosia press neck providing stability and smooth playability on the ebony fingerboard, and an Ers Humbucker custom pickup delivering a diverse range of warm and well-defined tones, this instrument promises an unparalleled musical journey.
  • Unlock your creativity and explore new sonic dimensions as you let your fingers glide freely on the fretless fingerboard, embracing the magic and elegance of this exceptional guitar.

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Fretless Electric Guitar

Introducing the exquisite Fretless Electric Guitar, a masterfully crafted instrument designed for the discerning musician seeking unparalleled tonal versatility and exceptional playability. Handmade with meticulous attention to detail by the talented luthier team of Tapadum Music Store, this guitar is a true work of art.

At its core lies a Mulberry body, carefully selected for its rich and resonant tonal characteristics. The distinctive grain pattern and natural beauty of the Mulberry wood add a touch of elegance to this exceptional instrument.

The neck of the Fretless Electric Guitar is crafted from a combination of premium Walnut and Afromosia woods. This pairing ensures both strength and stability while providing a smooth playing experience. The ergonomic design of the neck allows for effortless movement across the fretless ebony fingerboard, making it an ideal choice for those who seek to explore new sonic possibilities and experiment with expressive slides and microtonal nuances.

Bringing life to the strings, the Fretless Electric Guitar is equipped with an Ers Humbucker custom pick-up. This specially designed humbucker delivers a rich, warm, and well-defined sound, allowing you to explore a wide range of tones and effortlessly switch between different playing styles.

Unlock your full musical potential with the Fretless Electric Guitar – a true testament to the art of luthiery and a cherished addition to any musician’s collection. Discover the extraordinary soundscape that awaits you and let your fingers dance freely on the smooth fingerboard, exploring new depths of expression and emotion. Experience the magic of Tapadum Music Store’s artisanal craftsmanship and embrace the unparalleled artistry of this Fretless Electric Guitar.

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Weight 4,5 kg
Dimensions 95 × 35 × 23 cm


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