Electro – Acoustic Greek Bouzouki (6 strings)

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The Greek Bouzouki is a distinctive instrument in Greek music, known for its unique and rich sound. It belongs to the family of stringed instruments and traditionally has a three-course set of strings. Nowadays, you can find Bouzouki models with four or five courses of strings as well. The body of the Bouzouki typically consists of a wooden frame with an acoustic surface. This instrument is characterized by finger-played strings and a special technique called “tremolo.

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 Greek Bouzouki (6 strings)

A handcrafted musical masterpiece that embodies the rich traditions of Greek music. This Trichordo (three-course) instrument showcases exceptional craftsmanship and features premium materials carefully selected to ensure an unparalleled playing experience.

Bowl: Walnut: The bowl is meticulously crafted from exquisite walnut wood, known for its warm and resonant tonal qualities. This choice of wood not only adds depth and richness to the sound but also enhances the instrument’s visual allure.

Soundboard: Spruce: The spruce soundboard crowning the body is a testament to its exceptional acoustic properties. This wood allows for a balanced and expressive sound, ensuring that each note you play is infused with clarity and brilliance.

Fingerboard: Ebony: It is adorned with a luxurious ebony fingerboard, offering a smooth and comfortable playing surface. Ebony’s dense and smooth texture allows for effortless movement across the frets, enabling you to explore a wide range of melodic possibilities with ease.

Neck: Walnut & Afromozia: The instrument neck is skillfully crafted from a combination of walnut and afromozia, providing stability and strength while enhancing the instrument’s tonal character. This carefully selected wood pairing ensures a seamless playing experience, allowing for precise articulation and expressive performances.



Hand Made Bouzouki Trichordo

Bowl: Walnut

Soundboard: Spruce

Fingerboard: Ebony

Neck: Walnut &Afromozia

Length of Neck: 53cm

 Length of Strıngs: 67cm


Length: 38cm

Depth: 18cm

Width: 29cm




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