Oud Ebony Pegs with Eye


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Obtained through the drying process of the ebony tree, the Ebony Oud Peg with Eye is widely used by oud manufacturers. It is exceptional durability and robust structure makes it the preferred choice among Oud players. The hardness of the ebony wood prevents strings from detuning, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable playing experience.

Enhancing its elegance, the Ebony Oud Peg with Eye is adorned with delicate mother-of-pearl decoration.

It’s important to note that the pegs may exhibit variations in color and tone due to the organic nature of ebony, adding a unique touch to each piece.

Our Ebony Oud Pegs with Eye collection is available in standard sizes, catering to the diverse needs of Oud enthusiasts.

Complete with 12 unopened pegs, our Ebony Oud Pegs with Eye offer functionality and aesthetic appeal, elevating your oud-playing experience to new heights.


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